Tangled Up with Dogs

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I finally saw Tangled last Saturday and I loved every bit of it. After I saw Princess and the Frog, I was extremely disappointed and thus I was afraid to see this movie especially after they changed the name from Rapunzel to Tangled. My fear only increased after the trailers put more emphasis on Flynn Rider. I wasn’t even sure if the movie was a princess movie with the lack of royalty that was even stated in the trailers. Not that it mattered if the movie was a princess movie or not; I love Disney animated movies regardless. But just before the release of the movie, I saw something that just made me go, “I have to see this movie now!” And that excitement only increased after hearing the rave reviews and buying the soundtrack (oh how I love the score of this movie!).

My verdict: You must see this movie. When you walk out, you probably won’t be humming the tunes, but you’ll have a good feeling. I wrote a review on the movie which you may read here: Tangled Review.

Bella and Tara

Two friends in the making

Besides seeing Tangled, my family recently (by which I mean two days ago) adopted a boxer from the Humane Society! She’s quite cute and she gets along with Tara, our miniature schnauzer, decently but there seems to be some animosity between her and our Airedale terrier, Abby, and our wired-hair fox terrier, Haley. The boxer is named Bella and she was given a good bill of health by the vet yesterday, with the exception of a bit of kennel cough that she had when she was at the Humane Society. I’m hoping she’ll get over it quickly since she doesn’t sound so great right now.

It’s a shame to learn that Bella was a stray, considering she has this really sweet personality. She’s made herself at home rather quickly, already getting into some minor trouble by spilling some coffee cream in the kitchen earlier this morning. Hopefully she won’t cause too much trouble. At least she doesn’t look too devious…

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  1. Hello! Yay for official website! I have already changed the link because otherwise my lazy self will forget. I think you should turn creative-suites.com into a book review blog … since you are a writer.

    I must see Tangled now … I’m a sucker for 3D animation, it’s not even funny! My mom told me someone asked her if she has little kids.

    Aww that is so sweet to adopt Bella. I would so do something like that if my mom would let me … which she wouldn’t.

    Merry Christmas! ^^

    1. Post

      That’s a good idea… I do love reading books and I have a ton of them.

      I’m a sucker for animation period, so don’t worry about it. I think everyone that knows us comes to expect me to want to go see the latest animated movie, especially if it’s Disney.

      Merry Christmas!

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