White Christmas?!

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A White Backyard

I swear this was taken on Christmas!

It finally happened. I have witnessed a white Christmas and have photographic proof of it! It’s been a while since I witnessed a white Christmas and because the memory is so fuzzy, I’m not going to even count that. Most Christmases are gray and dreary, or wet and muddy. This year it was cold, slightly windy, and above all else: white! It could’ve been -15° F and I wouldn’t have cared because there was snow. Okay…I would’ve complained about the cold a bit.

Christmas, overall, was good. We had a fantastic dinner (which I’m quite convinced I ingested a gallon of salt last night) with a fantastic ham. And my brother and I were in for a few surprises. He got a crossbow and Medal of Honor from our parents. I got him the first five seasons of Red vs. Blue and if you have no idea what that is, don’t worry. However, if you’re a Halo fan and you don’t know what that is, I highly suggest you run off and YouTube it now. We both got a ton of candy between our parents and grandparents. I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get through it, but I will make it my mission to make sure it’s gone by at least June. Candy takes forever to disappear in my room unless someone else gets a hold of it.

Christmas 2010

This is what you get an author

So, what does one get an author? I wrote a Christmas list this year and was told to write down things that I needed or wanted. At the time, I was craving Oreos, so I wrote Oreos down and you know, everyone could use some super powers. My brother rolled his eyes at me when he saw those two particular items on my list, but you never know…Maybe someone in the house knows how to get super powers and just haven’t told me and was going to surprise me with them for Christmas! Instead of super powers, I did get Oreos, which I’m sure my dad is quite proud of purchasing. He couldn’t stop laughing when I opened them. I was bombarded with Disney items and candy. My friend/penpal sent me a book of desserts since I love to bake and now the hard part is picking out which dessert to make. Oh, and socks were also on my Christmas list. I’m not sure why I wrote socks down, probably because I was trying to be funny, but I got some and they are quite comfy. Quite possibly the comfiest socks I’ve ever put on my two feet. Shame they weren’t knee high to keep me warmer in these cold months, but they’ll be great to wear when spring/summer gets here and I start hiking again.

I haven’t played Epic Mickey yet, but I’m planning on it after I’m done with this blog post. I’ve been super excited about it since I first heard of it (as well as the 3DS, Pokemon Black and White, etc.) I hope it’s as epic as they say it is and even if it isn’t, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy it.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas even if it wasn’t white! What awesome presents did you get?

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  1. Oh lucky! Our snow came exactly after Christmas! But it’s not cold, it’s above 32F every day, though the snow won’t melt! I want a white Christmas. =(

    Yay for Disney presents! My friend got me Despicable Me. LMAO at the oreos though!

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      Oh Despicable Me? Is that any good? It seems I haven’t watched anything from Dreamworks in a very long time.

      Yes, the Oreos were quite funny and tasty!

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  2. Looks like a wonderful christmas :)! I love a white christmas..otherwise I refuse to look outside or go outside on christmas eve/day :P! Hurrah for all of the Disney presents!

    I wish you a happy new year 2011!

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  3. Aww, I’ve always wanted a white Christmas, but I haven’t seen one since I left Canada 🙁 It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas holiday though. Happy New Year!

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