New Year’s Roundup

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New Year's Eve Rainbow

Not a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow

I hope everyone’s New Year was fantastic. Now is a time to start afresh and start things you’ve been meaning to do! Dad saw a rainbow on New Year’s Eve while he was getting some snacks ready so I ran and grabbed a picture of it. I still need to work on my photography. I’ll practice more, especially this summer when I can go hiking again. Actually I should make a small list of parks to hike through and see if I can visit each one. Three should be doable.

My grandma made some pigs in a blanket and I deemed them the most delicious things I’ve had that year. Seriously. They were so buttery and flaky. I don’t care if they’re not supposed to be good for me. I want to know why I’ve never had them before. Hopefully I don’t have to wait until the end of this year to have more. I also helped my mom roll up some gimbob (or is it kimbob?) for our New Year’s festivities. If you’ve never had them before, they’re a Korean seaweed wrap that looks like sushi, but isn’t. For one: we don’t use raw fish, everything is cooked. And I think they’re a little bit more tasty than sushi… though I guess it depends on the sushi you’re eating.

Pigs in a blanket

Pigs in a blanket


I rolled all of those up!

Yu-gi-oh battle

Wingweaver does direct damage and wins!

My brother and I were in the middle of an epic game of Uno when the ball fell and it changed to 2011. I ended up winning every game of Uno. This was upsetting to him, so he proclaimed that we dust off our Yu-Gi-Oh cards and have an epic dual to prove that he’s capable of winning a card game. Unfortunately, I may have kicked his butt on the first dual of the new year, beating his dragon deck with a fairy. That loss only fueled his anger and he has since beat me to a pulp with his dragons. Where was my dragon capture trap card when I needed it for the other two duals?!

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  1. Oh that’s a lovely shot! =) I need a camera! I love photography.

    Aw, those look so yummy. I’m really hungry right now! But we don’t have any food left, must go shopping!

    It seems like you had a lovely new years. Happy 2011!

    1. Post

      Why thank you! The rainbow was kind of faint. I had to enhance the rainbow’s colors using Photoshop unfortunately.

      Happy 2011 to you too!

  2. …Hold up, hold up. Wait, you’re using SAKURA as an ICON? /insert state of shock here.

    You should just have a pokemon battle to settle the score. šŸ™‚

    1. Post

      Yes. I was too lazy to find my Meilin pic with her and confetti and Kero was so cute looking there. Sakura just got into the icon because it would’ve looked weird if I cropped her out.

      Hm… we should… Or another round of Uno!

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