The Japanese Quake and Tsunami Disaster

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So, I’m hoping by now everyone has heard about what’s happened to Japan. Hoping is the keyword. One of the people I’m watching on DeviantArt wrote a journal stating that they just heard about it this morning, but I think the majority of the world is up to speed on things now.

I know a lot of people on DeviantArt are all for helping Japan. Maybe because partly their favorite anime/manga artist lives there, but that’s a lot of drama that I’d rather not get into. It shouldn’t matter why you want to help and people shouldn’t be snide if some otaku wants to help just because their favorite mangaka lives there. What happened to Japan is devastating and the fact that it could happen to the west coast of the States is just down right terrifying.

I’m not sure how many of you have made a charitable contribution to the cause. I most certainly have. And I’ve also decided that 20% of all profits from my online store and books will go straight to charity. There’s a small list of charities that I’ll be donating to in upcoming months that have to deal with Japan such as: the American Red Cross, Global Giving, Shelterbox, and even The American Humane Society (because Japanese animals need help too, guys).

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