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I’ve been reading quite a bit lately and there’s one thing that I’ve noticed that’s everywhere: hot boys. Hot boys are everywhere in YA literature! Cassandra Clare has retweeted some of her fans tweeting about how they would love to marry Jace or Will. But is that really true? If these characters were to really appear in reality, would girls really be attracted to them like they are in books?

Fandom vs. Reality by *Tenshi-no-Hikari on deviantART

And while there’s nothing wrong with reading about some highly attractive guy who has a bad boy attitude and would go to the ends of the Earth to defend his woman (like Jace) or who possibly has quite a bit of angst (like Edward) there is nothing wrong with writing about the regular guy. They’re just as interesting and they don’t need to have chiseled abs and look like Adonis. Which is why I’m going to make a couple of book suggestions for anyone who needs a break from hot guys. (And don’t get me wrong! I love The Mortal Instruments books and respect the Twilight series, I just need a bit of a break from hot guys for now until City of Fallen Angels comes out.)

YA Fiction
Looking for Alaska by John Green
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Michael Scott
A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn (the girl is supposed to be super hot)

Adult Fiction
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (okay, he starts out hot, but he isn’t for the majority of the book)
Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist (might be my favorite book of all time)
Half a Life by V.S. Naipaul

Anyone read any good books lately that didn’t involve hot guys?

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  1. Haha, I really like that comic. I’ve learned to live with the fact that the hot-and-bad-but-completely-devoted-to-you guys I read about in novels and mangas just don’t exist in reality. They may be hot, and they’re probably bad, but the similarities end there. Guys in reality are a lot more “average”, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Perfection in itself can be a flaw.

    But being the wild dreamer I am, I stopped reading books involving such guys, lest my view of reality get too distorted, haha.

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