Teaser Tuesday

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This isn’t the exact Teaser Tuesday meme that book bloggers do, but rather a spin off. I’ll provide a paragraph of some really rough work (like horrid first draft work) from my upcoming novel, The Number, which happens to be the sequel to The Chosen.

“They say they found the Number,” a Nekan answered in a heated whisper. Her blue eyes were fixed ahead as if she could see right through things. She appeared to be a white tigress. “The Tueors are searching the area meticulously now. They think the Number has been traveling around with the Chosen, but that’s just a silly legend.”

I wrote that sometime late last night. If I don’t do any major chapter merging, then this should appear in chapter eight. And I’m already making mental notes to fix some things in that paragraph. I find it interesting how drastically a book can change from the first draft, so who knows if this paragraph will even survive?

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