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I admit it. When I read or watch something I make up my mind within a matter of seconds which two should be together forever. That alone can pull me through a plot that isn’t so stellar, but if the plot happens be so amazing that it makes your adrenaline rush and your mind explode than there’s a good chance I’m going to be up all night hoping that the couple I’m rooting for makes it.

Most recently I’ve been gushing about how amazing Hunger Games is just ah-mazing. Like seriously. I just told my brother he could take The Twelfth Night and crumple it up. He really doesn’t need to be studying Shakespeare right now anyway (trust me, I doubt he’ll ever have to use Shakespeare after high school, let alone read much). And now he’s trying to see if our parents will let him skip school so he can finish the books in three days too (which he won’t because he’s a slower reader than me). But back to the subject at hand here: As much as I loved Gale and Katniss’ history, Peeta won me over. Thus, Peeta and Katniss just had to be together at the end.

Harry and Hermione

I can dream, right?

Now we get to my curse. Even if a couple I like end up together there’s always some sort of a death that occurs with them whether literally or mentally or emotionally (don’t get me started on Peeta and Katniss). I understand that in a good book or even in television, there should be one of these deaths to occur to make the person want to read or watch more. But just for a moment I want my couples to achieve their happily ever after without having to suffer. Which is saying a lot because even the couple that I’m rooting for in my own book I’m writing is suffering emotionally.

Most of the time the couple that I’m rooting for never get together. I could come up with a billion different reasons on why they’re meant to be together (Harry and Hermione forever!) and I could highlight passages where it seems like the two might even like each other. But no. It doesn’t happen. For some reason another character catches our protagonist’s eye and we, the reader, don’t even see it coming (Ginny, seriously?! How and when?!).

I think to make myself feel better I should take a time out and read or watch something where I love the couple and know that they won’t suffer. This usually happens in something fluffy, like romantic comedies. Though a good romantic comedy will make the couple suffer more mildly than something epic i.e. When Harry Met Sally. I don’t really read straight romance books, so I’m not so sure if those characters suffer, but if they’re going to be good then I’m assuming they do.

So: who’s your favorite couple and what are they from? How did they suffer?

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