One Night Only

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This short was written about four years ago. I was bored out of my mind at work and the radio kept playing songs about cheating and one night stands. And the last sentence of this flash fiction kept creeping into my mind, so I decided to write a flash fiction with that sentence in mind. I’ve never written anything this adult before and I was wondering if I’d even be able to capture that raw lust. Though it’s an old piece, I’m still rather attached to it and it’s one of my favorite shorts I’ve ever written.

Your touch elicits a shock through my spine. Our lips collide; locked in their own battle. I begin to lead the two of us through my apartment. The scrape of the kitchen chairs reach my ears; I am blind, my eyes won’t open. My legs know where my room is, they shall take us there safely.

Barely making it through the threshold, I can feel your breath on my neck. The heat source lingers there for a while before slowly trailing down my body.

For one night make me feel special. For one night tell me you love me, though both of us know you don’t. For one night, take my mind off of my spiraling downward life.

The two of us move in sync toward my bed. Heavy breathing and gasps permeate the air; I still seem incapable of seeing. I can feel you clinging to me, as if you’d die without me.

When the sun filters through the curtains and hits my face, I know you won’t be in bed next to me. I won’t know your name and I’ll barely remember your face; we may never even see each other again. But for one night, you made me feel alive.

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