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Self-publication of The Chosen has stopped! You might still be able to order a copy or two at Amazon, but I have canceled publication of it on Lulu as well as Smashwords and Kindle. The copies that I have in my house are the only print copies left (as far as I know) and I shall be using them as unedited ARCs. If any book blogger is interested in reviewing The Chosen, please be sure to send me an email via the contact form and I shall send an ARC in your choice of print or ebook. I have about 10 in my possession, so first come, first serve. You can find more information on the book over here. The Chosen will be relaunched in July/August by Red Willow Digital Press, so you won’t have to wait long for a shiny, edited copy!

I also wanted to mention that the cover that you see plastered on the site right now won’t be the case for long. I have commissioned an artist to draw up the cover. Expect a cover reveal toward the end of the month/early July!

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