The Chosen: Now Available!

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The Chosen, relaunched through Red Willow Digital Press, is now available in ebook form! You can currently find it on Smashwords and Amazon for $2.99.

Here’s what some people have been saying about it:

“Sheenah Freitas has taken elements of Fantasy that are staples in this genre, and tweaked them enough to make them new and fresh.”

“The mythology was something that I really appreciated. It was a mix of everything. The three circles of the system of the gods was a fascinating concept.”

The Chosen is an intriguing read, and I’ll be interested to see what happens next.”

“The world the Ms. Freitas created is really out of the box and unique.”

The Chosen is very high fantasy and has so many different aspects to it that it will easily catch a reader’s attention. …  Sheenah has really worked some magic with this story.”

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