The End

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Those two little words elicit a small party within a writer’s world. It’s the end of a project and start of a new phase, for the most part. I have found that those two little words are the hardest things to write down on my current manuscript.

I have ended many short stories and flash fictions. I’m overjoyed at the ending to my first novel, The Chosen. I’ve even written a few poorly written fanfics and they, like my novel, had an ending (whether I liked the ending to the fanfics is up for debate). The endings came naturally. For the most part, I can foresee the ending to a story I’m about to work on and that’s the goal I continue to write toward.

My latest project, The Number, which is the sequel to my current novel is a bit of a mystery. I can’t quite foresee the end. I’ve written two ends for it (I just finished the second draft yesterday) and have another ending planned. And yet with three different endings laid out, I still can’t decide which one is the best one. Whatever ending I go with also seems to decide how the entire second half of the novel is determined.

I’ve given myself a deadline that I’d like to meet, but not being able to foresee what the ending is is making me doubt if I’ll reach said deadline. In contrast, I know exactly how the last book of my trilogy is going to end. I’ve planned the ending for what seems like forever, but I’m not sure how it’ll start. I feel more confident about it though because I can see the finish line. Until then, The Number is nothing but a complete mystery to me. I keep peering ahead, but the finish line just isn’t in sight yet.

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      Technically it won’t be the end for me, but it’ll be the end of the story that they want to tell. My characters like to have a private life once, “THE END”, is written, but that won’t happen for another year or so.

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