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Day One or Two

The puppy on his first or second day at our house

We got a puppy about a month ago and began the wonderful journey of naming it. My family isn’t what you would call amateur puppy namers, no siree. We have named roughly 16 dogs and, might I add, they all had wonderful names. My dad, alone, has named probably close to 30 dogs that include: Pepper, Heidi, Boomer, Sage, Abby, Max, Sable, and Buddy just to name a few. It’s probably safe to say that we’ve perfected the art of dog naming without having to recycle a name (with the exception of Sable). However, our latest puppy, a reverse Brindle Boxer, has officially stumped us.


Someone had said that if we get a male dog, his name would be Toby. That was supposed to the name. As far as names go, it’s not a bad name and would actually make a great name for a dog, but when you look at the puppy it just doesn’t seem to fit him. Thus we decided to come up with a list.

The list was huge. I think we had up to twenty different names before narrowing it down to three. Sometime during day two, I suggested that we just write a few names on some index cards and let the puppy pick for himself. Surely he’d know what he wanted to call himself, right? This dog was mystifying everyone; we had never been stumped before and every single dog was named by the start of day two. By day five, we were all going a little bit crazy. I begged my father to just pick a name he wanted, because this was his dog after all, but he still ended up calling his parents to ask their thoughts on the name he had chosen for the day and they said pick again. By the end of week one, we were placing on names on cards.

Week One

Still nameless after week one

The names that were chosen to be on the cards were Chase, Jake, and Loki. Sometime during day three or four, my brother and I just started suggesting mythological names and Marvel characters in hopes that something would be useful (Zeus was also in the running up until the last minute). The first name he chose was Loki. We thought that perhaps I messed up the experiment by sitting too close to the card. We did the experiment again, this time shuffling up the cards. The dog went back to Loki. It was rather cute because he’d pick the card up and trot around with it. We did it again. And again. And again. And again. And again. He picked Jake up once, but went to Loki every other time. There was one moment where he seemed interested in Chance, but he just ended up sitting on it and grabbed Loki.


After about a week of calling him Loki, we hit another snag. Not everyone was keen on the name Loki. Then there was the fact that Loki sounds too much like Lucky (especially when my mom said it, bless her Korean accent) and we already had a dog — a Dalmation, in fact — named Lucky. And so with a heavy heart, he was re-dubbed Toby. I still don’t think he looks like Toby and in fact accidentally keep calling him Loki. It can’t be helped. His mischievous nature keeps popping up and I can’t stop thinking about how perfect Loki, the Norse god of mischief, fits him. We’re trying to convince mom that Loki is a wonderful name, but so far, no luck.

EDIT. Dad managed to convince Mom to change the dog’s name back to Loki. Apparently they did that index card thing again between Toby and Loki and he chose Loki. Twice.

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