Tangled with the Beast?!

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I swear, there is a Disney god somewhere up there. Before I go on about my tirade, let me welcome you to my new layout! I really liked the colors of the previous layout, so I kept them while incorporating a couple of other colors to give this new layout a chic look. I’m pretty proud of it. I checked in the major browsers, and it looks good in FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. In IE7 or 8, you can’t see my awesome circles for the dates and such, but it should show up in IE9 (haven’t checked that one yet). It also doesn’t render 100% on mobile devices, so I need to work out the kinks to that. My old layout was getting pretty cluttered (especially my home page) once I began signing up onto social networks, so I needed a new design to keep things clean. There are some nice dropdown menus that don’t work well in IE (sorry IE users!) but should work well in other browsers. There’s also additional information in the footer! The only thing that needs to be fixed are my nested comments, but I’ll save that battle for another day.

On to my scheduled tirade!

So. Disney sent me a lovely email reminding me that Beauty and the Beast will be in theaters January 13 for a special 3D presentation, like The Lion King. I thought this was humorous because I’m like one of the biggest Beauty and the Beast fans around. Remember when they released it back in 2010 for the “20th anniversary” special and did a sing-along edition in limited theaters? I remember because I was whining that the official 20th anniversary of the movie was actually in 2011 and I spent hours searching for the closest theater that was holding it. Anywho, it was around that time that I caught wind that Disney remastered Beauty and the Beast in 3D and were doing a super limited edition of that. Animators who had a special screening of it were hailing it as amazing and I was devastated that the closest theater that was showing that version of it was a few states away.

So, last year, when they were going Lion King crazy and all, “Check out this movie again in 3D!” I was wondering, “Why not release Beauty and the Beast?” And then something amazing and absolutely crazy happened: Lion King was number 1 for like, what? 3 weeks? Which is insane, but oh, if you saw it in 3D, you would know it was worth going to go see again and again because it was that beautiful. I digress. Shortly after the mega box office numbers, Disney and other companies announced they were going to go through their backlist and re-release their big movies. So like, James Cameron is re-releasing Titanic in 3D sometime within the next year or two and Disney stated they had plans then that Beauty and the Beast would be released January 13 and Finding Nemo would be released September 14 (mark your calendars). So those two movies have been marked in my agenda since… August or September.

Now. What I just found out is that Disney did an animated short for Tangled called Tangled: Ever After. I had seen the official poster, but wasn’t sure if it was a sequel or what. Here’s the super exciting news: It’s going to be shown right before Beauty and the Beast! How exciting is that? My favorite movie of all time with another adorable movie I adore? It’s just too much! I want to go see it this Friday, but my brother wants to go, too, and he has school. Darn. So I actually have to wait until Saturday. If only he didn’t need his education . . .

And I want those special 3D glasses. Seriously.



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