Yellow Springs

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Art gallery and spa

An art gallery and spa. They're so hip.

Yellow Springs, Ohio is a quaint town that’s in its own time period. People are laid back and the only thing you need to do to fit in is simply smile. The people there are into supporting local businesses, all things spiritual, and all things natural and organic. It’s a wonderful place that’s surrounded by three fantastic state parks which is great to hike in and a place I’d like to call home one day. They’re into artsy things, too, and comic books are plentiful. It’s also the place where I most recently got my books to be featured.

If you’re ever in the Yellow Springs area, don’t hesitate to stop by Dark Star Books. They have a great collection of used books and if you happen to take a peek in their new book section, you’ll find The Chosen located on the shelf close to the cashier, near the comic books. And make sure to pet the cat, Mr. Echo. He’s pretty cool, but he does love attention. Dark Star Books is also the first — and currently — the only bookstore to sell signed copies. So, if you were interested in obtaining a signed copy, they are the people to go to.

While I was in the area, I decided to take the day and check out some of the shops. Shopping in Yellow Springs is always a pleasant experience because everyone is so friendly and it’s always a great feeling knowing you’re supporting a local store. After browsing through the area, however, one gets hungry and when one gets hungry, one feels the need to eat Chinese food (at least, we did that day). As we were making our way to the Chinese restaurant, I happened to look at the display window of the comic book store and noticed the stacks of Funko Pop! figurines. I don’t know if anyone has noticed them in Barnes and Noble, but they’re these super cute 4″ figurines. I started buying the Disney Funko Pop! collection and had my heart on Maleficent because I thought she was the cutest of the first series. Of course, the ones at Barnes and Noble were slightly defected and I refused to purchase a defected Maleficent, so I passed. But here, I was given a second chance.

Funko Pop Maleficent

She's devilishly cute, isn't she?!

Upon entering the store, I went straight to the display and checked: Marvel characters, the Simpsons, and a few Jedis taunted me as well as the members of KISS and a couple of Disney characters I didn’t want to purchase that day. I was devastated. How could there not be a Maleficent?! In order to keep my day good, I decided to settle on purchasing the first volume of the Sailor Moon manga. And then lo and behold! My father had worked his magic and procured a Maleficent for me!

Dining area

Red light dining area

But the magic of Yellow Springs wasn’t done with us yet! The Chinese restaurant we went to looked as Asian as Asian can look. There were koi swimming in a pond, bamboo growing everywhere, and Chinese lanterns lit up the dining area like the red light district. But that’s not the magical thing about this Chinese restaurant. Despite the Chinese music playing in the background and the Chinese decor, there were no Chinese to be seen. The person who took our order was as un-Chinese as one can get. It was confusing, to say the least, and a bit weird that there wasn’t a translation barrier while ordering.

It turns out that the owner is actually Chinese. She came out to greet us just as we were finishing our meal and made sure that we were completely satisfied with everything. It wasn’t the greatest Chinese food I’ve had, but it wasn’t terrible either. By the time we had finished, I was still confused that we were given forks instead of chopsticks, but at least we were given fortune cookies.

We didn’t see Dave Chappelle, unfortunately, but I’m pretty sure he got everyone together to sing “Men in Tights” after we left. That’s the kind of magical thing that really happens in Yellow Springs. Really. (Okay, not really, but I can dream, right?)


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