The Book Loft

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The Book Loft

The walkway to the entrance

So, a couple weeks ago I dropped off a few books at The Book Loft. Seeing my books in a bookstore is pretty exciting, but this was one of the major indie bookstores I wanted to get my book in and it’s even more exciting than the previous three bookstores put together. Being located in a big city should mean that I get the optimal exposure, right? Time will tell if it sells there or not.

What makes the Book Loft so amazing is that it encompasses an entire block and has 32 rooms. My parents and I spent a good hour walking from room to room and just ogling at all the books that surrounded us. Another hour was spent book shopping. I was pretty impressed with the place. I mean, they had a west and east wing. And another story. One could get lost easily in the labyrinth of books. It’s also located in German Village, which is this really nice historic area. And just a down the street from the Book Loft is this amazing restaurant that I just had to check out.

Books upon books

Books upon books!

Schmidt’s is this gem of a German restaurant in German Village. It’s been featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel and though both channels agree that the German menu is fantastic, they say one should really go for the cream puffs. Why? Because it’s a half-pound cream puff. And the cream isn’t that sugary stuff in a Hostess lunch cake or in a donut. It’s real cream that’s thick and vanilla-y. So if anyone ever goes to Columbus, Ohio, be sure to stop at Schmidt’s because it’s that amazing. I had a ham and cheese sandwich served on a pretzel bun. Pretzel buns are notorious for being a bit dry and hard, but this was soft and sweet and oh so delicious. And don’t get me started on the sausages that they serve. I stole a bite of sausage from my parents’ sausage sampler and they were the best sausages I’ve ever ate. Seriously. The food tastes fresh and genuine and any other sausage I get from the store just won’t be able to suffice.

Ham and Cheese sandwich

Ham and Cheese sandwich with German potato salad

Sausage Sampler

Sausage Sampler

Cream puff


Danke schon

Danke schon for reading!

The trip was fun over all. I mean, I learned that I’m about as Asian as one can get. I knew I was camera happy, but I didn’t realize how camera happy I was until I looked over and saw some Asian tourists taking pictures of everything like me. So it was an educational experience as well! And next time I’m in Columbus, I’m definitely going to stop for another cream puff. ^_^

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