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For reasons I won’t disclose, me and my current publisher decided to part ways. It’s always awkward to take those first steps away from a support beam and do things on your own. Within the year that I’ve been published, I’ve learned a lot about the publishing world in general that all the reading and research I’ve done previously hasn’t been able to teach me. I’m grateful with the time I’ve spent with my publisher and I’m also grateful that I’ll get the chance to give self publishing another go.

I’ve decided to create my own publishing imprint, Paper Crane Books, and will be using it to publish all of my works. At this moment, the paperback version of The Chosen is published beneath that name and the ebook will follow soon after.

The sequel to The Chosen, The Number, is currently finished. I’m actually just waiting on the cover to be finished. At this point and time, I’m comfortable with having March 13 as the official release date. If anything hinders the process of the cover, we’ll push the date back to March 27. I can’t wait for everyone to start reading The Number and I’ll get a proper sample out for everyone to download by the end of this week.

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