The Easy Part is Done…

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Depending on how fast of a writer you are, it can either take you months or years (sometimes weeks) to write that perfect novel. You’ve spent who knows how many hours talking to yourself and assuring those around you that you’re really talking to your characters. You’ve taken more time to go through draft after draft of your novel, polishing it up until it’s perfect. One looks back on those delightfully stressing times when you’ve stared blankly at your word processor and threatened the cursor that continued to mock you and one is glad that those days are over. You think that the hard part is behind you. Stop what you’re thinking. Seriously. Tell yourself that you’re wrong. Trust me, if you do this now, you won’t be deluding yourself later.


Your Muse being born

All those crazy nights of bundling up in your Snuggie, sipping coffee an espresso with bloodshot eyes and rocking yourself in your chair, willing for your Muse to show up (she conveniently decided to go skydiving that night) was the easy part. I know it’s hard to believe and if you’re a first-time author or someone who is writing their first novel, you might read this and think I’m trying to scare you off. Or perhaps you think I’ve been drinking one too many espressos at night.

The release for The Number is just around the corner and though I’d rather be bundled up in a blanket trying to find that cursed card key for Augusta Tower (you get serious brownie points if you have any idea what that’s about) I’m stuck staring at my to-do list. About a month ago, I thought I was ahead of my to-do list that I had planned. The plan was to build anticipation. To create a book trailer. To get everything formatted. There were other things included too, such as: book cover, samples, etc. And now, with just a few days until it’s supposed release day, I’m left to wonder: what have I been doing? I’ve barely accomplished any of my goals.

Augusta Tower

The ever elusive Augusta Tower

I’ve been doing the hard part: marketing and trying to get my humble book known. It’s never an easy thing to do. I’ve been feeling super confidant about The Number and after having re-read it for mistakes, I’m still feeling confidant about it. I want to tell everybody that this upcoming book is the best thing I’ve ever written. And then I start to request for reviews… And suddenly panic mode creeps in: What if it’s not good? What if I’m deluding myself? What if nobody likes it?

I tried to prepare myself for the day when this book would get into the hands of readers. I keep telling myself that I’m more prepared with this novel going out into the wild than I was with The Chosen. And even though I’m more prepared for any bad review I get, I’ll still force everyone to watch The Illusionist (the animated film) with me so they can feel as morbidly depressed as me when those bad reviews decide to show up.

Until then, I’ll go through my list of book bloggers and stare at my to-do list so I can mull over what to do first. Espresso, here I come. I can’t wait to start on a new project so I can do the easy part all over again…

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