Snapshot Thursday (14)

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Should be writing up my newsletter and a proper update later this weekend. Be on the look out for that.

As promised, this is the picture of the brownie that I posted on my Facebook profile. My brother made this as his first baking experience. Having forgotten to grease the pan, the brownie got really dry on the outer edges and didn’t cook properly because it lacked moisture. The closer you got to the center, the mushier and more uncooked the brownie got. It also had a gritty texture and that texture became more prominent the more days that passed. First night, it was super crumbly like the picture. And then overnight, it sort of glued itself to the pan to the point where it nearly bent the knife I was using. He swears it takes skills to cook a brownie that tastes different every day. Haha.


My brother's brownies!

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