Kites: Let’s Go Fly One

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Taken April 12, 2012. This morning actually.

Today’s letter is K and I could not for the life of me think of anything to post blog wise and picture wise. And then I saw some kite brownies in the kitchen and I’m going with it.


Serious kiting.

So, kites. Rumor has it they originated in China and the Chinese still celebrate them with their kite festival. If anyone takes kites seriously, it’s definitely the Chinese. As the kite began to seep into other cultures and countries, it began to evolve (like the fighting kites, or patangs).

Think that having a kite is all about fun and games? Think again. They were used to measure distances, sending messages, signalling to one another, and lifting men (how strong and large were old kites, I have no idea). The most famous kite story is probably the one related to good ol’ Benjamin Franklin. If he didn’t feel like flying a kite with a key attached to it during a thunderstorm, Thomas Edison may never have decided to spend his days making electronics and patenting 1093 inventions.

Despite the usefulness of the kite, it has deteriorated into something whimsical for children… If they’re not plugged into a video game or computer, that is. Mary Poppins sings that we should “fly a kite up to the greatest heights.” It’s satisfying to see something you put together (if you did build the kite) able to fly and no matter how easy it looks in the movies, it’s a tad bit more difficult to do in reality. If you do decide to fly a kite, make sure you do it in a nice big open setting so your kite doesn’t get caught in any electrical wires!

And as I wrap this up, there’s a wonderful comic that has kites involved. It’s called Knite and everyone should read it because it’s just that amazing. I promise you, you won’t regret reading it.

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  1. It’s amazing to me how some things that were so functional developed into whimsical playthings later.

    I think the topic was perfect – maybe there will be Princess Cakes lying around for P. 😉

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      Haha! Maybe… We usually don’t have snack cakes lying around though. Thursdays are known as Snapshot Thursdays on my blog and I post a picture that I’ve taken. Next Thursday is Q which is another challenge…

  2. My kids used to love to fly kites when they were little. Now, the only kites we see around our place are the little, screeching birds of prey who go by the same name.

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