Magic: Is it Dead?

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The Ilusionist

The Illusionist.

I recently purchased The Illusionist from Blockbuster which was closing. No, I’m not talking about the live action film that stars Edward Norton. I’m talking about the animated Belgium film that’s silent, for the most part. The movie is the most depressing thing I’ve ever watched — but at the same time it’s really good (does that make sense?) With very little words you watch the transgression of entertainment from simple pleasures in life to things that are just more, like the music industry with its big concerts and idols.

The movie made me question: is magic dead? I mean, we’re not as bombarded with magic as we once were. Ages ago magic was the witch’s work. Pharohs hailed magic as a form of entertainment. And it wasn’t until around 1750 that magic entered its golden age.


Houdini. The man that made the suit a standard for magicians.

People loved magic because it was a fantastic form of entertainment. When science started to become popular, magicians adapted and turned their shows into a scientific illusionary show that dazzled and captivated audiences. With the end of Vaudeville, came the end of the golden age. Magicians weren’t as high in the demand as they once were and with the end of Vaudeville, came an entirely new audience. Nowadays people want edgy and big performances. Gone are the days of the humble street magician. Las Vegas dazzles with the types of magicians people want. For those that used to entertain guests at a party, it’s practically impossible to entertain children, or at the very least, the media makes children’s magicians the butt of every joke.

So is magic really dead? With the rise of technology has the world of illusion simply been debunked? Any one could go on YouTube to see how a simple card trick is done. Does that make it less dazzling? Less amazing? I for one hope not.

I leave you with a simple compilation that my brother’s friend put together a couple years ago. Yes, magic is a hobby of his.


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      As we make our way toward the end of the alphabet, my ideas are dying. The idea came to me after watching my brother play the Magic card game.

  1. Hello, Sheenah! I remember when my brother received a magic kit for Christmas one year. We had so much fun playing with it and putting on magic shows and dazzling everyone!

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and happy A to Z!!

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  2. I’ve never seen The Illusionist, but it sounds like something I should put on my “to be watched” list. Like Laura, my brother got a magic kit one year for Christmas, and we had so much fun with it.

    I think it’s tougher to “fool” people nowadays with the old tricks, but that just forces people to come up with even more exciting tricks. And I’m also a firm believer that storytelling is its own kind of magic.

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      Yes, it should be placed on your “to be watched” list. The direction and storytelling is impeccable, I just thought it was kind of depressing at the end. Maybe you won’t.

      Storytelling is a sort of magic! It’s the best kind of magic there is.

  3. Great post! As a kid I had a few, admittedly lame, magic tricks. Nothing as great as the type you are talking about with illusion, slight of hand and pretty assistants that become tigers or bunnies. That is an art form to be respected and enjoyed. There are also just awesome things that are insignificant and can probably be proven by science but seem wondrous. Perhaps not magic but definitely magical. I want both in my world. 😀

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