Paranormal What?

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Paranormal ˌpa-rə-ˈnȯr-məl, ˈpa-rə-ˌ adj. — Not scientifically explainable; supernatural


Quetzalcoatl, Final Fantasy style!

That is the definition of paranormal, according to Merriam-Webster. Doing a quick search of the word in general gives you things related to aliens and ghosts. So how on Earth did the Big Six decide that creatures normally associated to fairy tales and fantasy and horror are now suddenly associated to paranormal? Seriously. Ask an author with a YA vampire romance to identify the genre they’ve been lumped in. Surprise! Paranormal Romance!

Don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here, but vampires, fairies, mermaids, gods, and werewolves have all been debunked by science. You don’t see people in modern society worrying that the latest drought means we’ve angered Quetzalcoatl and now must prepare a virgin sacrifice to appease him.

Paranormal Mermaids

The paranormal connection!

When the publishing industry classified vampires as paranormal, it irked me, but I dealt with it. Vampires and ghosts are both dead, so I’ll accept it. But when the publishers guessed that mermaids were going to be the next hot thing in paranormal romance books, I was like, “What did you just say?” Mermaids are not and should never be labeled as paranormal. Perhaps the publishing industry needs to dust off their dictionaries and read the definition of paranormal again. Or maybe the publishing industry knows something that scientists haven’t told us yet (scientists, if there’s an inkling of evidence that mermaids might exist, you better speak now).

“But, Sheenah! You mixed vampires with your mermaids!” you might say. And that’s true, I did. But I’m not labeling my book as paranormal and I certainly don’t want to add more than one horror creature to my mix of fantasy creatures.

Someone needs to write a novel similar to the movie Casper and submit it to the publishing industry. I’m sure instead of lumping it with the other “paranormal romance” novels out there, they’ll call it something else like, “Western romance”! But seriously Big Six, don’t mess up genres. It’s irritating.

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  1. Completely and totally with you! And, if I had any ranting left in me today, I’d add to yours. As it is, you’ve said all I could say on the subject. 🙂

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