Queen: Is This the Real Life?

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It’s Snapshot Thursday! And according to the A-Z Challenge, today’s letter is Q. So I present you with: Queen!


Queen's Greatest Hits. Taken April 19, 2012. Literally seconds before I wrote this post.

Oh the wondrous versatility that is known as Freddie Mercury. Has rock ever been graced with anyone as gifted as he? The guy has a crazy range and anyone who has ever sang a Queen song (I know you all have at one point and if you haven’t, lie to me) knows that it’s nearly impossible to hit all the notes. If you can sing a Queen song and sound awesome doing it, you should be given a record deal like right now.

Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Simple enough lyrics, but something that probably crosses many a mind. And Freddie Mercury is the only person who’s eloquent enough to actually sing them into some sort of crazy song that makes everyone want to sing along despite knowing that everyone will sound horrible when singing it. I mean really. Think about it. How amazing is Bohemian Rhapsody? To be able to blend so many different styles and tempos of music into one song and make it sound good? It’s hard to do, but somehow Queen pulled it off because they’re just awesome like that.

And you know what I think is really cool? They never replaced Mercury after his death. I mean, sure, they still go on tour and do tribute concerts and what not with other singers, but those other singers aren’t part of the band. They’re just singers whom they think will sing the songs and make Freddie Mercury proud. And that, I think, is the biggest tribute one can do for such a talented artist.

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  1. Cool post. I love Queen too. What a voice, that Freddy had! No one can come close. Now I’m going to be humming BR all day! 🙂

    Just hopping by on A-Z. Cool blog. Keep up the great work.

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  2. I have to sheepishly admit, I don’t know many Queen songs. *hangs head in shame* I mean of course I know the two biggies that pop culture requires that I know, but that’s pretty much it.

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      Don’t feel bad. I didn’t think I knew too many Queen songs either. And then my dad asked me if I was a fan of theirs because I kept turning up the radio on their songs and didn’t even know it. While listening to their Greatest Hits album, I kept saying, “That’s a Queen song?!”

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