Sudsing Up With Soap

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Milk and Butter, Vanilla Oatmeal, and Brown Sugar and Vanilla soaps

It has come to my attention that I might be highly allergic to synthetically made things. Like fragrances. Me and perfumes don’t get along. At all. So when it comes to cleanliness, avoiding fragrances feels like you’re trying to avoid air. I’ve stared at many a label. Even all natural and organic soaps have a bit of fragrance in them. A bit usually won’t kill me, depending on how strong said smell is. But there have been a few natural and organic soaps that I just couldn’t use because it was simply too much for me.

So I started making my own soaps. Now a soap without any smell makes for a dull soap. Girls, especially me, like a hint of something in their soaps so their skin smells fresh, too. Instead of using artificial fragrances, I’ve opted using essential oils. I did some research on the wonderful world of essential oils. Not only are they usually used for aromatherapy, but people who are allergic to synthetic fragrances or who suffer from asthma generally have no reactions to essential oils because they’re naturally derived from the plant.

I’m working on the packaging element to make them look prettier when I head out to the Farmer’s Market this year. Soap and books might be on two different ends of a spectrum, but you could always read a book while taking a relaxing bath, right? *looks around hopefully*

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