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The fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex was a fearsome creature back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. His name literally means “tyrant lizard king”. He is the first dinosaur children seem to take an interest to. Maybe because he acts every bit of a dinosaur that most people envision a dinosaur to act. Or maybe it’s because of how downright terrifying he is. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to get anywhere near the guy with his giant teeth and head. We’re like a bite size treat for him.

T-Rex is also the official name of my rabbit. “But Sheenah!” you might say, “You already wrote a post about your rabbit!” And you’re absolutely right. I already have. But darn it, he’s a bunny. And bunnies are cute. And that post was originally written a few months after I got him.

He’s officially been with me a little over a year now. That’s right. I have had a pet for over a year. Grant it, we’ve always had dogs, but those are the family’s pet. I’ve never had a pet of my own for over a year. I almost had a tank of goldfish survive for an entire year. But then they all got ick and no matter how much I tried to save them, they eventually all died. My favorite goldfish of that tank, Seaking, was the strongest of the bunch and was the last one to go (he was also the first fish of said tank). I swear, if he had a little horn, he would have looked exactly like the Pokemon. And then I had a hamster that was the spawn of Satan when I was younger. I tried socializing him. He didn’t want anything to do with me no matter my efforts and decided to show me how much he cared for me by biting my finger. It wasn’t just any bite either. It was a, “Next time you touch me, I’ll make sure you’ll have to get your finger amputated” bite. My finger was black and blue and swollen for a few days. So we let him go, where I’m sure he mated with wild mice and now there are mutant hamster/mice spawn of Satan babies roaming around the forest, kicking coyote butt.


My fearsome T-Rex

T-Rex is nothing like that. He’s adorable and friendly. He wants to be petted. He’ll nuzzle your hand if you try to leave and he hasn’t had enough petting. Despite his love for affection, don’t you ever pick him up or else he’ll spazz out. You would think that rabbits enjoy being picked up and held, at least, I thought so from watching many a child pick up their bunnies on TV. But there I go, assuming again! Silly me.

But I adore him. He even warns me of danger that might be nearby by thumping. Of course, I’ve never been in any mortal danger, but he didn’t know that. And I didn’t know he’d make such a great guard rabbit. And you know, I thought he’d enjoy being taken outside to enjoy some fresh air. Rabbits seem to like to frolic in grass or on a porch. Mine doesn’t. He spends more time cleaning himself because, ew, dirt got him. And he won’t have none that. I think everyone is right about him: He would die if he were ever set free.


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