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I was originally going to talk about villains like Dolores Umbridge. Or umbrellas. Or understanding one another. Or ugliness. But, as I was looking through my icons for this post, I couldn’t help but not write about Up!

The Academy needs to remove its prejudices on animated films. Not only is Up an amazing movie, but that montage in the beginning should’ve won it the Best Picture award. Have you ever seen a montage done as brilliantly and heartbreaking as that? I was in tears at the theaters and still can’t keep it together whenever I rewatch the film. It just makes you want to run off an adventure with your grandpa! (You here that, Grandpa? We’re going on an adventure together! Let’s shoot for tomorrow!)

It’s a simple enough storyline: 78-year-old man goes on an adventure with a boy who’s 70 years his junior. And oh the adventure that they have! If you haven’t seen this movie, you don’t know what you’re missing. It has to be Pixar’s best or at least second best. Toy Story 3 might be the best just because I can’t bring myself to watch it again yet for fear that I’ll just break down crying again at the end. (For the record: I really don’t judge how good a movie is based on how much they make me cry. I swear.)

There is just something truly heartwarming about the film. Maybe it’s the quirky characters. Maybe it’s the lesson that no matter how old you get, you’ll always be young. People change for the better. From the captivating scenery (the colors in this film!) to the amazing direction of Pete Doctor and Bob Peterson, this film will have you in tears from both laughter and sorrow. Seriously one of the best films of the last decade, hands down.

Can’t get enough of Up? Well, here’s some real life stuff for you! Did you know that National Geographic built a model of the house to see if one could actually make a house float via balloons? They found out: Yes, a house can! And did you know that a replica of the house was built in Utah? It’s even furnished with everything that can be found in the movie and I seriously want it. It’s gorgeous and oh-so-vintage. There’s this photography couple that took some anniversary pictures inside the house and let me tell you, these are like the best couple photographs in the history of ever. Better than the zombie engagement pictures this one fun couple took, which comes in at a close second.

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