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Is it Thursday already?! Snapshot Thursday seems to be landing on these oddball letters this year. It’s killing me!

Beautiful Addiction Layout

Taken April 26, 2012. One of my favorites layouts I've ever designed.

I’m going to talk about web designing. I have had this little love affair with HTML and CSS since I was like thirteen. Or twelve. Either way, that’s how I spent the majority of my spare time if I wasn’t reading or writing. Grant it, I don’t do as much of it nowadays, but it’s always exciting when I have to open up a file to fix some HTML or update a layout or two. I spent many a hour teaching myself to make layouts and build websites. Why? Because it was fun and I had a blast designing different elements. I enjoy designing so much, I even considered taking the path of web designer/graphic designer instead of being a writer. All of the icons I use on the side on my blog posts were made by moi. But you know, having my own small press allows me to design layouts and book covers, so it’s the best of both worlds.

Layouts have changed quite a bit in the past ten years. I mean, way back when I was starting out, Internet Explorer was the bee’s knees. You could take the time and design the color of the scrollbar and glittery backgrounds were cool. The more javascript and falling snow you could implement, the more awesome your website must have been. Thank god for Web 2.0. Internet Explorer didn’t handle Web 2.0 very well, with the sudden surge in CSS and making everything glossy and sleek.

Let me tell you what’s hip now: minimal layouts, awesome typography, and if you must be graphic heavy, try to make it look vintage. Vintage is in. Don’t use Flash. A lot of smart phones and tablets don’t have Flash and everyone pretty much wants to do away with it. If you can, try to do the same effect using CSS and Javascript. Not only will your website load faster, but it’ll work across every platform of web surfing these days.

Have a question about websites and coding? As long as it’s about HTML and CSS, I can help. I know basic PHP — enough to code a WordPress layout. And with coding ever changing, I’m still learning new things that I can use to implement in the next layout I create, whenever that may be.

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Wedding. One of the layouts I made for my anime fansite, Beautiful Addiction.


Amorous. This was supposed to be for a subsection of Beautiful Addiction, but never got used. Still really like it.


Sketches. A really cute, fun layout I made for my own personal blog before it evolved into this. I was still a wannabe-writer at this stage. It was heartbreaking to get rid of this layout.

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  1. That’s cool that you know so much about website design. I was actually a computer science minor in college, but I was just ahead of the web craze and never learned any of the stuff that would have been helpful to know. 🙂

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      You were a computer science minor? That’s so cool! Shame you were just ahead of the web craze, but at least you still know stuff about the ever evolving world of technology. 🙂

  2. I’ve been contemplating a switch from Blogger to WordPress. If I make the leap, I’ll know who the go-to girl is when I get stuck.
    Interesting post, as always.

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