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Just stay calm. Taken April 21, 2012

I love these “Keep Calm and…” memes. They’re just great. This one might be my favorite simply because taking a nap when one is super stressed just seems to be the perfect thing to do. Sleep on the problem and then come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. Someone sent me a “Keep Calm and Watch Sailor Moon” picture before. I love the idea, but I’d end up using that as an excuse to procrastinate all the time.

Now that the A-Z Challenge is over, we’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled blogging program. That means a picture/blog post every Thursday (Snapshot Thursdays FTW!) and a random blog post sometime during the week. If I have any exciting reading related thing, vlogs will commence on Sundays. And actually, I just finished reading a middle grade book, so I might muster up the energy to do a vlog this weekend. I’m sure you all miss my awkward vlogs in which I stutter and stammer for a few minutes while I try to think of a way to tell you how great the book was. And now that we have new followers, they too, can witness the awkwardness of those vlogs! Huzzah!

I’ll be writing a proper reflection on the A-Z Challenge on Monday when I’m required to according to the A-Z Challenge website. That’s about the proper time it’ll take me to muster up the strength to write a proper blog post again.

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  1. The A to Z challenge sure was draining, wasn’t it?!? But you did a great job with your posts.

    I hate being on camera so much I can’t imagine doing a vlog post. My brother and I just filmed some stuff for the extras on our DVD and I swear it felt like the camera was sucking out my soul. And I sound like an idiot on everything we recorded. πŸ™‚

    1. Post

      My favorite day of the week was Friday so I could check out the short animation you were featuring. You should keep that feature.

      Being on camera is very awkward indeed. I think the camera is sucking my soul!

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