Scarlet Wizard!

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Can you believe I still haven’t seen The Avengers? I still can’t believe it either. But I don’t have to watch Thor or The Avengers to see Loki because I see him every day. And just the other day, my brother and I gave him a scarlet cape and dubbed him Scarlet Wizard (he’s a boy, so he can’t be Scarlet Witch). We’re thinking about making Loki a proper headpiece/helmet thing, but maybe it’s best we don’t.

Scarlet Wizard

Loki as the Scarlet Wizard! Taken May 6, 2012

What struck us as funny was the fact that Loki was so nonchalant about having a cape. He was all, “Yeah, I wear capes all the time.” Every other dog would have been spazzing out. Maybe he really was a cape-wearing Loki in his past life. He did pick out his name after all.

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      LOL. Well… Scarlet Witch has a cape, so in order to get Loki to emulate her, he had to have the cape. ^_^; We wanted Loki to be part of the Avengers. 🙂

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, either. Matter of fact, the hubz & I only just saw Hunger Games at the dollar theater as a spur-of-the-moment date-night. Avengers has a couple months to go before it hits that venue, so I’m sure you’ll have watched it by then! 🙂

    Love the cape. Just so long as he doesn’t don speedos, I think we’re good. 😉

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      There’s a dollar theater? Sounds exciting. The local theater here has bargain Tuesdays, so I usually see a movie then. Tickets are only $4 and the prices of popcorn and whatnot are reasonable compared to other theaters. I hope I get to watch it soon!!

      LOL. Trust me, there will be no speedos for him. Just the cape.

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