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For those of you that don’t know what KDP Select is, let me try to summarize it. It’s this program that Amazon created late last year to “help” promote indie authors. The catch? Your ebook must be exclusive to Amazon for a total of 3 months. You’re not even allowed to sell the ebook on your own website. In exchange for selling your soul to Amazon your exclusivity with Amazon, you get a total of 5 free days during your 3 month contract that you get to set and your book becomes available to “lend” for Amazon Prime Members. For each lend that you get, you get a piece of the large pot of money that Amazon has set aside for this, which by the way, you must share with every book enrolled in the program.

Pat On The Back

Second thought, maybe a thumbs up would suffice...

Sounds great, right? I was reluctant about the program when it first started, but I couldn’t just deny that some of my author friends that tried it right off the bat were getting incredible rankings. And rankings mean readers. The problem with this program: There are way too many books that are free. So many, in fact, that there are some readers who just expect a book to be free because it’s indie. And there are some readers who have downloaded so many free books when KDP first started, that they won’t be wanting or needing another book for quite some time. This has resulted in a loss of sales for quite a number of people, me included, and sales equal readers. And I want to be read and be given a pat on the back for entertaining someone.

Back in the beginning of April, I decided to sell my soul to the devil Amazon and make The Chosen exclusive to see how well this KDP thing worked. 7 weeks later, my book is still on Barnes and Noble because they don’t know how to take a book off their Nook store. Frustration and desperation tend to make people think differently and in my case, I finally caved in and collected my old short stories together and put them into a collection. Thus, Musings from Yesteryear was born and released into the world yesterday with its first free promotion.


My Second Bestseller Spot

I kept a close eye on my rankings because people swore (or the couple of authors I spoke to) that their books went straight to a bestseller list when they made their book free. And this, of course, is a good thing because people see it which leads to, you guessed it, more readers! I had been marked as a bestseller once before in the U.K. when The Chosen somehow made it to like #97 in mythology fiction, I think, sans free. (Seriously, I can’t thank you enough, U.K. readers.)

Musings from Yesteryear

I'm screaming about it right now.

I don’t know if I garnered any fans from the freebie yesterday, but I do know that my book is now in the hands of many readers who didn’t know the existence about the book. To see how well it shot up like that with little to no marketing from moi is interesting. This anthology was sort of a spur of the moment type thing, so I didn’t actually hype it up and climb Mt. Everest and scream about its existence. I’ll sit back and watch and see if does anything in terms of gaining new readers. Time will tell.

And for those of you that missed out on the freebie yesterday, never fear! You can win a special edition copy of the book that has about 4-5 more stories in it that aren’t in the ebook. How, you ask? By entering in the giveaway over here. You have until June 2 to enter. There are also some other prizes included. Like your choice of a book from Paper Crane Books (The Founders by Holly Barbo will be released next week by the way) and I have some bookmarks and Etsy stuff that need a home. Good luck!

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  1. Sheena,

    Thanks for spelling things out so clearly with the whole KDP select. I opted out of it, not because I didn’t think it would work, but because I didn’t understand HOW it was supposed to work. This gives me a clearer picture.

    I’m learning so much watching you work through this self-publishing process – thanks for tracking your journey!

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