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Oh graduation. It’s always a sentimental time of anyone’s life (well, usually). I really like how my brother’s friend described it in his valedictorian speech; he said graduation was like a piece of dark chocolate. Both are bittersweet. And I suppose it is, when…you know, you decide to walk with your fellow classmates and graduate with them.

My little brother has finally graduated high school and has officially joined the ranks of adults. Me and him are both finally grown up and it’s a bit disconcerting. I can’t help but look at my brother and think, “That kid who was always bumping his head against things is an adult now?” Seriously. He was a total klutz and didn’t look where he was going when he was younger, so I swear his head met the wall more times than I could count. Not sure if it had to do with the fact that he had terrible eyesight from the beginning and we didn’t know or what, but still… You would think a person would learn where the walls in the house are after banging into them, right?

I can’t tell you how he felt in his gown and hat and cords that all meant something (he lost a blue cord that signified he was a salutatory scholar before he sat down; seriously, he’s an adult?) nor can I tell you if he’s feeling that bittersweet moment. His days since graduating have been filled with sleeping in and playing video games and doing yard work and hanging out with his friends. Grant it, it is his first week off, but I didn’t even get a day off before I was swept away into the working world and having to get up at 4:30 A.M. every day. But I digress.

Graduation marks the end of an era in everybody’s life. He’s choosing to go to college to either major in marketing or graphic design. I’m not sure which and it seems to change every other day, so we’ll just see. This is the time in my brother’s life where everything won’t be handed to him as it once was when he was still a child, and I can only wonder how he’ll adjust to the changes. At the very least, we’re all glad that he has survived most of his teenage years without getting a girl pregnant or getting mixed up in drugs and/or alcohol.

I do hope that whatever he decides to do with his future, he’s met with success. How could I not? But honestly, he should really give up on trying to drive and stick with public transportation to get him places. Seriously.

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