Farmer’s Market 2012

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Me at Farmer's Market

Little ol’ me at the Farmer’s Market. Taken by Dad on June 9, 2012.

I know that Snapshot Thursdays are supposed to be pics that I’ve taken, but hey, this is my first live event and Dad did a nice job taking this shot and the one I’m currently using as my Twitter and Gravatar icons.

Nutrition Facts

This is what you’re most likely feeding your children. Scary, right?

So. The Farmer’s Market! Usually one goes to these to support local farms and buy fresh, delicious produce and some handmade items. And it’s always interesting to go to the Farmer’s Market. I always think that going there and talking to the farmers is sort of like the way it’s done in Italy, or rather, the way it should be done. Sure it’s convenient to go to a grocery store like Kroger and buy whatever you need to sustain your family for the week, but truthfully, I’d much rather make daily trips to a marketplace and know that I’m getting fresh, local food rather than something that’s filled with 41% of my daily intake of sodium (I’m calling you out Mini Beef Ravioli with Meatballs!) and that’s just for HALF the can. If you eat the whole can, that’s 82% of your daily intake of sodium.

But I’m not going to talk about the ins and outs of food and portion control. I’ll leave that for another post. Today I’m going to tell you about my experiences at the Farmer’s Market!!

The Market

The Market. Taken by moi.

I signed up for The Market (that’s what hip people call it; true story) last month and have been getting ready for it like crazy. I had to get all the items approved — soap, bath salts, and books — and I had to make sure I had everything such as my own table, chairs, table cloth, etc.

I’ve never heard of authors attending their own Farmer’s Market, but since there aren’t any conventions in my area during the summer season that are affordable and since I want to get the word out that I do exist and I do write books, the Farmer’s Market made sense. Besides, people go there to support local and I’m as local as one can get. We had just set up and about 20 minutes after The Market opened, this kind woman came up and decided she wanted to support my endeavors and bought all 3 of my books. (If you are that woman and so happened to stumble across this blog: THANK YOU AGAIN.) And then later on, about 2 hours in, someone bought The Chosen for their daughter and I happily signed it for her. I brought 9 books with me that day and sold 4, which isn’t too bad. Throughout my time there I had a number of people stop by and take a look at them, pick them up, and flip through. The covers enticed many a person and it was pretty cool to have people congratulate me and ask me questions about the process of publication.

Was I nervous? You betcha! I enjoy being an author because I can sip tea and “socialize” with my readers via a screen. I don’t have to go out and do television interviews, I don’t have to worry if I’ll be on someone’s “Worst Dressed” list, and I don’t have to worry about my overall appearance and make a lot of contact with the outside world. For hermits, writing is the best occupation one can have. But every so often, it’s kinda cool to go out and really interact with potential readers and sign books. And as nervous as I was the first time, I feel like I’ll be better prepared this week.

For those of you who live in Ohio and want to say hi to me on a Saturday morning, contact me and I’ll tell you which Farmer’s Market I’m at. I’ll be more than happy to talk about writing, publication, and even sign a book for ya~!

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      Thanks. It’s nerve-wracking, but it’s really cool to meet the readers and have the opportunity to talk to them. 🙂

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