The Chosen + KDP Select Update

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When I took The Chosen off Smashwords, I thought that it would initially take about four to six weeks for everything to be removed. Well, that didn’t happen. After removing the book from Smashwords, the other channels that Smashwords distributes to (Kobo, iTunes, etc) began taking my book off their shelves one-by-one. All, that is, except Barnes and Noble. I’m not exactly sure why Barnes and Noble didn’t take The Chosen off their shelves when I requested them to, but because the book was there, I wasn’t able to enter my novel into KDP Select.

Frustrated with that, I decided to do a work around. Instead of offering the entire novel for free, why not a sample? I managed to get a nice number of people to download the sample when I put it in KDP Select and I’m waiting to see if that’ll help garner any sales that way. In the meantime, The Chosen is officially back on Smashwords and should be making its way back onto online bookshelves where ever Smashwords distributes to. The price is back to $2.99 and I might make it free sometime in the near future. We shall see.

In other news: Did you catch my latest interview? Fellow indie author, Tim Greaton, interviewed me and it went live on his website on Thursday. Check it out if you haven’t!

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