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Hello dear readers! Today I’m playing host for the first time on a blog tour. Please welcome R.E. Butler. She’s here to promote her latest novella, The Tribe’s Bride, which is an interesting historical romance/erotica. So if you’re under 18, I’m sorry, but you’re not allowed to enter the giveaway at the end of this post. But if you’re under 18 then you are more than welcome to read the interview which is sex free. Carry on!

Hello and welcome, R.E. Butler. This is the middle of your blog tour. How are you feeling?

This is my first blog tour. I’ve never done so much promoting for my books before, but because this was a new series, I wanted to go “all out”. Doing a virtual tour seemed like a really great idea to reach new audiences, not only in the states where I’m from but also abroad. It was exciting and nerve-wracking to set up the tour and get all the interviews and posts done, plus since I’m an indie author, I had to do the actual publishing myself which meant that Wednesday, my release day, was super, super busy! But I wouldn’t change a thing! Touring has given me a chance to broaden my horizons and connect with really cool people.

I read The Tribe’s Bride and found it to be interesting. Where did you get the idea for the novella?

Thanks! I picked up a few time-travel books a while back, some that traveled into the future, some that went into the past. Those that went into the past, went to places like the 1920s in New York, or London in the 1800s. I’m fascinated by Native American history and culture, and I couldn’t find a time travel book that took a woman from the present back to a tribe, so I set out to write it myself.

Do you think you could survive living in the 1600s like your main character, Carrie?

Ha! I don’t camp. I’m not an outdoorsy woman at all. I don’t like bugs, or sleeping in tents, or campfire cooking unless it involves marshmallows and chocolate bars (and a comfy bed indoors nearby). I’m sure that with the help of three sexy men like Carrie has, that I could manage, but on my own….I don’t know. I think anyone could turn into a survivalist if they had to, and I would certainly hope that I could remember what I learned in Girl Scouts, but I’ll cross my fingers and hope I never have to find out!

Your novella involves time travelling. If you were to travel anytime in the past, where would you like to be taken to?

I would go back to the Old West. I love cowboys and the untamed wildness of nature. I’d set myself up to be the school-marm and hope that I caught the eye of the local, handsome sheriff or perhaps, a nearby Indian Chief.

You mentioned that The Tribe’s Bride is the first novella in a series. How many other novellas do you think you’ll write in the series?

The series is wide open for me. At the moment I have six books in progress to some degree. Although I may revisit times/characters in future books, each book will be about a unique necklace. Once I started writing the first story, I knew that I would want to revisit the idea of a magical, transporting necklace again and again.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I have two young children who keep me hopping, two dogs that require a keen eye because they are both mooches of the highest degree, and a husband, too. So when I’m not writing, I am really busy, between our weekends spent boating and hanging out with friends to just keeping my house in order. I love to read, and I’m on track to read 100 books this year. I watch police dramas with my husband, SpongeBob with my kids, and sci-fi movies by myself for fun.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Make connections. There are plenty of resources out there for writers that won’t cost you a penny. I found my cover artist and my editor by reaching out to other authors and asking for advice. Don’t be afraid to publish yourself, and don’t get discouraged by slow sales or bad reviews. Keep writing, no matter what!

Thank you for putting up with me and my amateur interview skills! It’s been a real pleasure having you here with us.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today as part of my book tour! It’s been a real pleasure to share a bit about myself with you. Don’t forget to comment on this blog to be entered for a chance to win a free digital copy of my new book and to be entered into the grand prize drawing at the end of the tour which includes two handmade bracelets!

You can find R.E. Butler at the following places: Website | Twitter | Amazon

The Tribe's BrideWhen a university job interview goes south, Carrie Wade isn’t certain that she’ll ever find work in her field of ancient Native American Culture. Knowing the only job waiting for her is waitressing at a coffee house, Carrie indulges in a post-disappointment shopping trip. An old necklace in an antique store window catches her eye and she immediately feels as if she cannot walk away without owning it. The very last thing she needs to do is squander her savings by investing in a necklace that may have, at one time, belonged to one of the tribes she studied…but she can’t help herself. When she tries on the precious necklace at home, she passes out and wakes up in the tent of the necklace’s original owners, three Native American tribesmen from the late 1600s. Will she be able to get back home to the future or will she find out that the one place she was always meant to be was back in time as the tribe’s bride?

This novella contains m/f/m/m interaction, three handsome brothers that will do anything for each other and their woman, and a magical necklace
that brings them all together.

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