Review: Bones in the Tree

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Bones in the TreeTitle: Bones in the Tree
Author: Tim Greaton
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Series: N/A
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What were her parents thinking when they opted for burial in the backyard? Karen didn’t know but finds herself talking more and more to their tombstones as her personal life descends into chaos.

Her marriage in flames and dating life little more than one catastrophe after another, she finds herself turning to a furry, acorn-throwing neighbor for solace.

Can the fresh air and slow pace of life in Menyon Falls heal her broken heart, or will returning to Maine be the biggest mistake of her life?


Short, sweet, and endearing. The novella (or long short story since it’s only about 16,000 words) tells the story about one woman trying to find love after a divorce. There are some rather humorous moments during the course of the tale that might be comparable to a romantic comedy. And after reading a lot of science fiction and fantasy lately, this was a welcome breath of fresh air. I didn’t realize how much I missed contemporary fiction until I read this.

After coming out of a divorce the heroine, Karen, returns back to Maine to live in her deceased parents’ home. During her journey of self-healing she befriends a squirrel and eventually finds the strength to remove her ex-husband from her life.

The characters are instantly likeable, especially the quirky squirrel named Bones. Tim Greaton does a fantastic job at making you care about them by the end of a few paragraphs. If you’re looking for something short between novels, I highly recommend this.


Anyone who loves stories about self-healing and romantic comedies will thoroughly enjoy this tale.

Last Words

I’ve read a few of Tim Greaton’s works and I think that this, hands down, is my favorite story that he’s written. I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

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