The Last Frontier

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Due to unfortunate circumstances, I won’t be attending Neil Armstrong’s memorial in Wapakoneta, Ohio tonight. However, I wrote up a short story in his memory and I do hope that I did him justice. Being a local, the area has always boasted being the birth of aviation. Not only were the Wright brothers born in my area, but also the man who first walked upon the moon. When I was a young girl, one of my dreams was to be an astronaut and go up into space (and maybe one day walk on the moon) and if it weren’t for Neil Armstrong and his crew of the Apollo 11, who knows if I’d ever have wanted to be an astronaut?

Over at Mistress of the Dark Path‘s blog, I noticed she was having a short story contest where you’d win some promotional opportunities. I wasn’t going to enter, but once I saw the words she wanted you to include in the story, I couldn’t help but think of Neil Armstrong and the words just spilled out of me.

So this is for you, Neil, a man who will never cease to inspire children everywhere to be an astronaut. And next time you see the moon, be sure to give Neil a wink (that’s a actually a request from the family, according to the newspaper.)

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    Hello! Thank you for stopping by you guys. I’m so glad you all enjoyed the story. It’s the least I could do for a man who’s inspired so many.

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