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Get Unreal. I did. Taken on September 12, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if I’m running out of fun things to discuss on my blog. I mean, really? I’m talking about candy now? (Anything to stop from working and use the I-was-updating-my-blog/marketing excuse) But if you like natural/organic type of foods like moi, you should give this candy a try. I was at Kroger and so happened to walk by Unreal‘s advertisement. It was interesting to read that they existed to unjunk my candy and since it was only $0.89, I thought, why not try one? They took candy favorites such as, Snickers, M&Ms, Reese’s, and Milky Way and not only made them “healthier” (less sugar and whatnot) but also use organic and all-natural ingredients. Red dye #40 has been kicked to the curb. Yay!

As you can see in my photo, I opted for the Reese’s and oh my goodness. It’s creamier than the average Reese’s and even though the ingredient listing states it used milk chocolate, it tasted more like a sweet, dark chocolate. Really. And you know how sometimes you get a thick, syrupy taste in your mouth after a while when the Reese cup is gone from the corn syrup? There’s none of that here because they don’t use corn syrup. Huzzah!

I decided to purchase another peanut butter cup and said, “Why not?” and purchased a M&M’s and Milky Way to try, too. Not a fan of peanuts, so I won’t try the Snickers or the peanut M&M’s, but my dad and brother tried the Snickers and they seemed to like it.

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