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Beauty and the Beast fangirl

Me showing off how much of a Beauty and the Beast nerd I am. Taken August 11, 2011

Today is the day that Beauty and the Beast premieres on CW. I’m at once excited and apprehensive. The CW has been known to air family favorite shows (7th Heaven) and guilty pleasures (I know you’re out there, Vampire Diaries fans). It’s an interesting range and though they used to be geared more or less for audiences maybe around 25-35, within the last few years, that’s changed to grab more of the younger crowd.

Green Arrow

The Green Arrow as I know him.

For instance, Arrow premiered yesterday and because I’m not by any means a DC fan, I was watching the trailers for the show and wondering if the show was about Green Arrow. The last time I saw the guy, he looked more or less like Robin Hood. So, I asked my brother what in the world was up with his green hood get-up. He told me that he thought it was his more modern outfit. (Seriously, the only thing about DC that we know about is Batman and Superman but mostly Batman because he’s cooler.) The character, probably because he looks so much like Robin Hood, has always been a favorite of mine for whatever reason on Justice League. Or maybe I just like archer characters.

We were watching the series, which is promising, and I had some issues with it. First off: What’s up with the creepy sexual tension going on between Oliver and his sister? And she even resembles his ex-girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend’s sister (whom he slept with while dating his ex), which tells me that he must have a type. And why does he call his sister Speedy? Is she going to be his partner in crime (because he does he get a sidekick named Speedy.) And why doesn’t he wear a mask? He’s a billionaire and his face is everywhere. If you’re going to be the Robin Hood version of Batman, at least wear a mask or something to obscure people’s vision of you.

All of the problems with Arrow last night made me wonder how many problems were there going to be with Beauty and the Beast? It certainly didn’t ease any of my apprehensions with it. Either way, just like any other Beauty and the Beast fan, I plan on tearing the show apart piece-by-piece. Will you be watching it tonight?

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