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I warned you in the last blog post that this was going to happen. I hope you all prepared yourselves. Thursday night, CW aired Beauty and the Beast and on a normal night, it would have some stiff competition on TV. But that night it was either Beauty and the Beast or the Vice Presidential debates. I opted for the show.

Catherine 2.0

Catherine 2.0 from Beauty and the Beast

In case you were unaware, Beauty and the Beast is a reboot of the 80’s series that aired on CBS. It originally starred Linda Hamilton as Catherine (the Beauty) and Ron Perlman as Vincent (the Beast). It was set in New York City (as most shows are) and Catherine was an assistant district attorney.

As you can see from the screenshot I took, this is Catherine 2.0 as she is “nine years ago.” Surprisingly, she hasn’t aged a bit within the time it took her to go from bartender to cop. This bothers me. My brother told me to ignore it and accept the fact that she has amazing Asian genes. And after doing some research, I find out that the actress, Kristin Kreuk, is actually 29, which is still hard for me to wrap my head around. I’m sure baby-faced cops exist in the world, but I have a hard time watching shows with baby-faced cops as the main character (I’m looking at you, Grimm.)

All leading men have to be broody

All leading men have to be broody. It’s the Edward Cullen effect, don’t you know.

Back in the beginning of the episode, Catherine’s mother is murdered in front of her. She flees into a nearby forest, trips on a rock, and then begs the men to not kill her. These guys don’t care. They just killed her mother and because she’s a witness, she needs to be taken out, too. No hard feelings, but it is the law of crime. Just as her killers-to-be are about to pull the trigger, she’s saved by some sort of “beast.” All plans to be a lawyer have ceased then and there and nine years later, she’s a cop.

Flash forward to current day. We find out that our beast is, surprise!, a guy named Vincent. Vincent is supposed to be dead and signed up to be in the military after the events of 9/11. If there’s anything about this show that I love, it’s what they did to Vincent’s story. While he was in the military, he signed up to take part in this secret program where they tried to turn a select number of people into super soldiers. The soldiers became enhanced in a number of ways (super scent being one of the many enhancements) and as of right now, he hasn’t been able to come up with an antidote. I never understand why people ask, “So, you haven’t been able find an antidote?” Does the guy look cured? We also find out that Vincent has been stalking Catherine for the past nine years. Creepy, right? And if anyone says that’s romantic, I will slap you with my box set of the 80’s version of the show.

Beauty and the Beast

If you hate this version, I’m sorry, but we cannot be friends.

I’m not even sure if there is sexual tension between Catherine and Vincent. Despite how old they’re supposed to be, they sort of have this I-might-like-you-but-I-might-not high school crush thing going on toward the end and I think it has to do with because the actors look so young. Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman were fantastic in the 80’s. They oozed chemistry and sexual tension and even though a good chunk of that had to with great writing and acting, I’m also going to have to say a small slice of it had to do with their age and maturity.

I give CW points for putting in enough differences in the show to make it seem fresh and original. The murder-mystery seemed typical of all the other crime shows on TV right now. There’s so many murders on television, it makes one wonder if people should even live in New York City. It wasn’t the most beyond terrible adaptation of Beauty and the Beast that I’ve seen (that award goes to the 1987 movie), but I think there are some things that could’ve been worked out, especially in the realm of Catherine. Will I watch another episode? Sure. At least it’ll give me something to rant about next week. šŸ˜‰

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