NaNoWriMo 2012!

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It’s November! And if you’re a writer or you follow writers closely, then you know that November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Being super busy with projects galore with Paper Crane Books, I wasn’t planning on participating this year. But quite a few of my writer buddies decided to take the plunge and I’ve been watching their progress and their rather exciting first day adventures (average word count by day one was about 5,000). I have a couple of projects that are in the work right now and instead of always putting them on the back burner, I decided to take this month and just write. It doesn’t matter how busy I am or how many obligations I have. I just want to write as much as I can and make as much time as I can for writing, which I’ve been neglecting. Because I think that 50,000 words is way too big of a goal for me this month with all of my other obligations, I’ve decided to slice it in half and strive for 25,000. So I’ll be keeping a progress here and updating it when I can. I’d like to get a good start on the final installment of my Zincian Legend Trilogy and if all goes well, it’ll be released next year. 🙂

[progpress title=”Book Three” goal=”25000″ current=”2546″ previous=”1949″ label=”words”]

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