2012 Reflection

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This is my obligatory reflection post. The post where I sit down and think, “What in the world did I do this year?”

Croods vs. BraveNo. Seriously. What did I do this year? According to my annual stats summary provided by WordPress, I did something awesome. Look at all of those fireworks! And I find it hilarious that my most popular blog posts are on animated things. Because I talk about animated things way too much in real life. So maybe next year I’ll blog more about said animated things and with Disney’s new project coming up (Frozen) which I’ve been following like crazy for the last… two or three years? you should expect rant-y things. I thought about ranting about the absurdity and horribleness of all things Brave and how Pixar pretty much just broke my heart and how people should watch The Croods next year. And me promoting anything by Dreamworks Animation is always a big thing, because I deem them the enemy. Because they are the enemy. You might not know it, but they are. And Chris Sanders, I don’t know why you’re not a director for Disney anymore, but I’m sure they miss you. And I really loved How to Train Your Dragon and I didn’t want to love it, because it was a Dreamworks film. Please go back to Disney so I can stop feeling conflicted.

On the writing front, I feel like I’ve done a lot and yet, not. And here’s why: I published two books and took part in an anthology. Any writer should feel proud that they published that much stuff, right? I mean, I’m a slow writer. I’m always reading about how other authors are like working on their fourth book of the year and it’s February and I’m like, “What??” It makes me wonder if they’re rushing too fast and if the books aren’t as polished as they should be and then I read their work and go, “OMG. IT’S AMAZING!” They’re just crazy awesome good.

I’ve also opened a small press after the original small press I was with closed down. I took in my author siblings and have been working on getting their backlist out on top of marketing on top of doing freelance work for other authors. It’s been a lot of fun, but my own writing has taken a major hit. Though that’s the only con I can see to owning Paper Crane Books at the moment, I’m happy to be working with so many talented authors and putting my publishing know-how to some sort of use.

The highlight of 2012? Probably taking part in my Farmer’s Market and actually selling some books. It was a wonderful feeling to sell books and talk to locals and sign books. Being an indie author, there aren’t that many opportunities to do something like that. We don’t exactly have the resources or contacts to talk to corporate book chains and say, “Hey. I want a signing done on this date at this store.”

I’m looking forward to taking part in the Farmer’s Market again next year. I do want to have another book to present to the people and if that’s my deadline, then I have no choice but to buckle down now and just get it done. Next year I want to write more, publish more, and just do more. I want to sit down and start putting away time for me to work on my stuff versus constantly working on things for everyone else at what felt like a 24/7 job. I’ve been taking the month and really reflecting on what to do better for the next year to give me a little bit more time for, well, me.

I foresee 2013 as the year where I cut back on social media to get things done. I’ve already started, but I do want to keep my Twitter presence strong, because I do so very much love Twitter.

2013 is going to be exciting. Not only do I plan on publishing the third and final installment of my Zincian Legend Trilogy, but I’m also working on a Alice in Wonderland retelling with fellow indie author, Tim Greaton. I somehow talked him into writing a YA novel with me. Never worked with another author before and it’s definitely something that I’ve had to adjust to. Also expect more work from authors over at Paper Crane Books and I plan on publishing a small indie magazine featuring other talented indie authors. First issue is just around the corner. Basically: 2013 is the year of no sleep. 😉

I now leave you with this! Because you really want to watch this!


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