Do You Know Your Audience? Pt. 1

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If you’re in a business, it’s imperative to know who your audience is. As an indie author, I consider myself an artist. Yet despite the artsy side, I still want to sell my work, which means like entrepreneurs, I need to know who my audience is.

In the artistic world, we have genres. Whether you’re a musician, film maker, artist, or author, there’s going to be some sort of genre that your work is going to fall under. You need to know what your work falls under so that you can properly market your book. I’ve seen one too many indie authors as of late say that they’re going to write YA and in fact end up writing an adult novel or a MG novel. My advice right now: read what’s currently out in the genre of your intended work. Things have changed drastically in the YA market ever since Twilight. If you’re not part of the Harry Potter generation of readers, i.e. the kids that grew up with Potter, and you haven’t read anything that wasn’t intended for adult readers since you were young, then don’t write a YA novel. I’m serious. Just don’t. And no. Having read Hunger Games and Twilight doesn’t count as research (nor does having seen the movies) and if you dare say that you read Harry Potter and consider that to be YA, then we have a problem.

In this series of blog posts, which will appear every Monday (possibly Fridays, too), I will take you through the many age categories and genres of the literary world. By the time we reach the end, both of our minds will end up hurting, I’m sure. Mine from heavy research to make sure I’m giving you the correct info and yours from the vast amount of stuff I’ll find myself talking about.


This is you or me by the end of this blog series

So what do I plan to cover? Genres and age categories. Much to the surprise of everyone, YA is NOT a genre. It’s an age category. Here’s the breakdown thus far:

If you see that something isn’t planned on being featured or if you see something that you feel should be categorized differently in my schedule of posts, then leave a comment or contact me about it. I’m happy to add or shuffle the posts around to suit you.

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