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Today I have author P.L. Blair stopping in today to discuss about a unique serial killer in her latest novel, Deathtalker.

The Idle Lovetalker
(Guest Post with P.L. Blair)

A small fellow who wandered the countryside with his hands in his pockets and a dudeen — a short pipe — in his mouth…

That’s the source for the Deathtalker in the third book in my Portals series.

The Irish called him gancanagh — the “lovetalker” — because that was his chief pursuit. According to the tales, he would put in time gossiping with the local “boys,” but he is better known for making love to the country lasses, seducing them with what one source calls his “enchanting voice.”

And it truly was enchantment that he wound around his unfortunate victims. Because once the girl had fallen in love with him, he would disappear — and the girl would pine away and soon be dead, victim of despair and a broken heart.

An interesting touch in the legend is that — according to at least some of the tales — the lovetalker’s skin is infused with a toxin that is addictive.

It seemed an easy step from the carelessly idle lovetalker of folklore to the serial killer of my book — a Deathtalker who intentionally seduces his victims so he can feed on their life force as they’re dying.

I did make a change or two along the way. I do that with most of the creatures I bring into my books. The premise of the Portals books is that these beings of our myths and legends are real — but we humans haven’t had contact with them for a thousand years or so. What we have are memories of them, and our memories are imperfect.

So in addition to being an unequivocally deliberate killer, the Deathtalker is more human in appearance, rather than the smallish being (lovetalkers are supposedly akin to leprechauns) of legends. I also played around a bit with “origin stories,” giving the lovetalkers an unusual mother and siblings that folklore doesn’t mention.

The end result is a story about a serial killer unlike any other that my detective characters (Kat Morales and her Elf partner Tevis) have ever encountered — a story that, I hope, will keep readers excited, entertained and guessing to the very end…

Deathtalker by P.L. BlairBorn of evil, without a soul, the creature has left a trail of depair and death since coming through the portal from the “Otherside.” Kat Morales, a human detective in the Corpus Christi police department, and her elven aprtner Tevis McLeod face a serial killer unike any the human world has seen before. His victims, strong, intelligent women, all made only one mistake … falling in love. Deathtalker is the third in P.L. Blair’s “Portals” series, and is a continuation of the adventures of Kat Moralez and Tevis McLeod, Corpus Christi police detectives. Their days are spent dealing with a world complicated by the opening of Portals between our normal “human” world, and a parallel world of magic and home of all manner of mythological creatures.

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P.L. BlairA native of Tyler, Texas, P.L. Blair earned degrees in journalism and spent more than 30 years as a newspaper reporter and columnist. In 2006, she wrote Shadow Path, book 1 in her fantasy/suspense Portals series, blending urban fantasy, police procedural and the occasional touch of horror. She has since added Stormcaller and Deathtalker to the ebook series, and a fourth book, Sister Hoods, is scheduled for release this spring as an ebook. Blair currently lives in Sheridan, Wyo., with a family that includes three dogs and a cat, all rescues.

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