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The Write Stuff author group is holding a Memorial Day sale. From May 27 — June 2, every book listed here will be discounted to $0.99. But remember! Holly Barbo’s novels and my novel will be on sale for an additional week and a portion of our book sales will benefit the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Click here for more info on that and to enter a giveaway for swag and books.

Shattered by Karl Jones (Drama/Police Procedural)


After the grisly discovery of a mutilated body, the small community of Greenville is held in the terrifying grip of a serial killer.

Author Jason Denton immediately falls under suspicion, and while Sergeant Underwood is determined to prove his guilt, no matter what how he has to do it, the relatives of those being killed aren’t so keen to wait for justice.

Caught in the middle is Donna Harp, a young constable partnered with the sergeant. She isn’t convinced the author is guilty, and is determined to catch the killer, whoever he may be, but is she being swayed by Denton’s charm?

Includes the bonus short, Lauren’s Nightmare, and a preview of Karl Jones’ scifi adventure, A Brother’s Debt.

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Rowan in the Oak by Ayla Page (Drama/Family Life)

A harrowing short story about Rowan and her abuse.

Can she escape the perpetual darkness she finds herself in?
Or will she succumb to a worse fate?

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* * *

Finding My Escape by Fran Veal (YA Paranormal Thriller)

My life was shattered when I walked in to find my parents being murdered. He almost got me, too. The killer, I mean. The police say it was a home invasion, but I don’t believe it. I just wish the nightmares would stop. The same thing every night, reliving it. Tripping over my dad’s body…hearing my mother scream. I can’t take this any more!

So I run. I run to forget. I run to get away.

And then I meet Josh. He helps me forget, for a while, anyway.

He’s absolutely perfect.

Or is he…

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* * *

A Brother’s Debt by Karl Jones (Sci-fi/Adventure)

If he’d known what he was getting himself into, Step would never have responded to his brother’s latest plea for help. Now he’s stuck in an unfamiliar sector of space flying a barely space-worthy ship as he works the wrong side of the law to pay off ‘A Brother’s Debt’.

Contains the bonus short horror, Lauren’s Nightmare and a preview of my best selling thriller Shattered
A novel of 47,000 words
First in the Step Velkin series of adventures.

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* * *

The Founders by Holly BarboThe Founders by Holly Barbo (Sci-fi/fantasy)

Recruited by an ancient race, a group of people from Earth colonize the lovely planet Ose in a far corner of the galaxy. Thirty-two years after the Founders settle the unanticipated happens. A small asteroid hits on the edge of the continent instantly throwing them into a “nuclear winter” weather pattern. Struggling to survive, the young culture slips ever nearer to a survival of the fittest world.

In this climate of hardship, Marisily comes of age. She flees for her life after watching her mother die. Unexpectedly, she discovers the cave in which she seeks refuge was a hidden Ancient’s shelter and the secrets within it reveal that she is a sage: a small group of seemingly unrelated people with heightened extra senses that are strangely linked to the planet itself.

The conditions reach dangerous levels as more citizens become victims of the outlaw bands. Marisily struggles to stay safe when she is targeted for slavery. A clandestine plan is devised to take back the society and reestablish the founding culture. Can they do it in time?

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* * *

Divergent Paths by Holly Barbo (Sci-fi/Fantasy)

A virulent disease sweeps through the Sawblen Province. The source is unknown. As hundreds fall victim, the healers race to contain it and find a cure before it engulfs the realm, but a would-be healer complicates the situation by concocting dangerous drugs.

While the officials are distracted, a counterfeiter takes advantage of the events. Credentials and money are faked, putting several lives in peril and resulting in deaths.

The Great One’s council and sage population hurry to track down the sources of the trouble and right the multiple crises before anyone else falls prey to the events. Rare natives of the planet have important information to impart if the sages can decipher their cryptic message.

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Devil’s Spawn, Devil’s Pawn by Karl Jones (Paranormal/Suspense)

A God for a father, a slave for a mother, can Melody survive her destiny.

After more than six millennia at the mercy of his hated enemy, Jacarendu has come up with a means of not only escaping his prison but of restoring his powers so he can resume his rightful position as god.

His plan relies on a slave and the daughter she will bear for him, and the hope that his loyal followers can keep his daughter safe until she is old enough to free him.

Neloty, his hated enemy, is not about to allow him to be freed however, no matter how many people have to be killed to keep him a prisoner.

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* * *

Family Ties – Corporeal Daughters by Jazmyn Douillard (Paranormal)

Kat Andrews is your typical college student who thinks the world is out to get her. Unfortunately for her, she’s right. To make matters worse, so is the supernatural underworld.

A terrifying powerful being is determined to chase her down and learn her secrets, all thanks to Kat’s connection with a woman who’s been dead for over three hundred years and haunts her to this day.

She’s going to need help to get through this, but instead gets an unstable man that may not be human and a trio of flamboyant goddesses who seem to be hazardous for her health.

It looks like Kat may not survive the week, let alone exams.

And if she doesn’t survive, will she stay dead?

A full length urban fantasy novel.
Contains adult situations, coarse language and sexual content.
The revised, 2013 edition

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* * *

Lauren: The Nightmare Karl Jones (Paranormal)

A night out with friends becomes a nightmare.

When she’s attacked following a friend’s birthday in town Lauren begins to wonder if she’s losing her mind. The things she remembers can’t possibly be true, can they? After all, vampires are just creations of literature, myth and horror movies.

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* * *

The Fall of the Misanthrope: I Bitch, therefore I am by Louise Wise (Romantic Comedy)

Valerie Anthrope doesn’t believe in happy-ever-afters and has no time for relationships. Her heart is as hard as her acrylic nails. She runs a small back-street brokerage, happy with her own company and financial reports.

But she has a secret. She doesn’t admit it to anyone–even herself. She’s depressed. And her lack of sleep and too many caffeine pills are beginning to have an effect. She has dreams that don’t make sense, but know they hold the key to her illness.

Ellen Semple is a middle-aged busy body who thinks a ‘nice cup of tea’ is the cure to all ills.

Lex Kendal is sexy and rich, and thinks he can have any woman he wants–and he wants Valerie.

Would a one-night stand matter? After all, Valerie isn’t into relationships. Could she remain disinterested enough, and keep her secret away from the ever-prying Ellen?

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* * *

The Guardians – Episode One by J Bryden Lloyd and Linell Jeppsen (Space Opera)

An alien race flee their dying world…

Welcomed by the hails and emissaries of the League of Eight, The Crulla instead make their way through the systems they come across, seeking worlds not to live on, but where they can harvest the blood of the inhabitants.

After their advance leads them to a League outpost, where they decimate the population, the League are forced to act; going to war against the rampaging alien species, who are making their way slowly to the unprotected Sollus system, and it’s one occupied planet… Earth!

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* * *

The Guardians – Episode Two by J Bryden Lloyd and Linell Jeppsen (Space Opera)

While the League fleet search the surrounding systems for the escaped Crulla fleet, the Crulla have found the Sollus system, and Earth.

Amy Caruthers is a reporter on a mission to find out more about strange happenings in Washington State, a mission that will change her life forever.

Meanwhile, the Crulla are beginning to build their way into human society.

Can the League reach Earth and stop the Crulla?

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* * *

The Guardians – Episode Three by J Bryden Lloyd and Linell Jeppsen (Space Opera)

While the Crulla royalty begin to fracture over their plans, Amy meets Hal: a witness to the Crulla landing site; a place known as ‘The Hole’.

Howard Wells is a civilian tracker working for the military, and he has data that points to the Crulla landing site. With illusions of making First Contact, he heads north.
Meanwhile the League fleet has reached the deadly Nezzatu System and Captain Orta is desperate not to lose time amongst the lethal asteroid fields.

Back on Earth, a hunt is beginning…

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* * *

The Guardians – Episode Four by J Bryden Lloyd and Linell Jeppsen (Space Opera)

Captain Orta’s fleet are still en-route to the Sollus system and negotiating their way through the hazardous Nezzatu asteroid field.
Meanwhile Howard has made his way North and is about to make his way to The Hole.

While the Crulla prince has a narrow escape, on Earth, things are not going as smoothly as Loora would like, and she is forced to intervene in her human guise as Chief of Police Milovic.

As the few humans who know about them, begin to form a plan of resistance, the Crulla step up their plans.

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* * *

The War of Odds by Linell Jeppsen (YA Fantasy)

Sixteen-year-old Sara Giddings is a lost and lonely girl after the death of her mother, and like many young people forced to deal with life’s tragedies, Sara begins to dabble in drugs and alcohol.

All of that changes when her father takes her to the tiny community of Ashbrook, which overlaps the land of the fae. Here, a young sprite named Pollo discovers that Sara is not a typical teenager, but a witch with immense, untapped power- the power to heal.

Pollo, a cat named Hissaphat, and the wood nymph, Muriel convince Sara that her powers may be the only key to healing what ails the fae, and Timaron, king of the Unseelie court.
Soon, Sara and her two friends, Nate and Chloe, are thrust into a dark and deadly world as they endeavor to free Timaron, whose mind has been possessed by demons and who, in his madness, has declared war on humankind.

With only her two friends and a band of magical misfits, Sara must travel across a dying world. Hunted and haunted by forces even the faeries fear, Sara must reach Unseelie and face the prince of darkness himself, wielding a power she barely understands, to save the faerie king and the fate of two worlds.

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* * *

The ChosenThe Chosen by Sheenah Freitas (YA Fantasy)

Kaia’s entire life has erupted in flames after an assassin appears and burns her village down. She’s rescued by a god from another planet who requests her help because she’s the descendant of their last savior. Together with Reeze — the only other survivor from her village and her appointed guardian — they set off on a quest to find the treasures of the gods in hopes of preventing a dire prophesy.

Kaia and Reeze quickly meet the Tueors, a group of people many thought extinct, who are searching specifically for Kaia. Their intention: to protect the truth. As Kaia discovers more about the truth and her family’s past, she also learns of the Tueors’ bloody secret. Will Kaia be the savior the gods have been waiting for? Or will she let the prophesy come true?

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* * *

Watching Over the Watcher by Simone Beaudelaire (Romance)

Psychic Selene Johansen is an excellent police investigator, able to determine guilt from the first handshake.

While her talent for fact-finding keeps her busy, her personal life is lonely. After all, who wants to date a girl who can read minds?

But Selene’s consuming solitude dissolves when she learns longtime friend Brandon Price knows about her psychic gift … and her secret love for him.

As their relationship heats up, Selene dares let her guard down, not realizing that a ruthless stalker is determined to put an end to the couple’s passion… and their lives.

Note to readers: Contains graphic sexual content.

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