Some Updates

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First things first! The Number is on tour (again). I like to think that this time it’s better than the last tour, but then again one can never really know these things until the tour is over. If you want to follow along the tour and enter to win the giveaway, click on the banner below!

Secondly! I sort of caved in and started an art blog on Tumblr. At the moment there’s some fanart and photography posted so if you’re into that kind of thing and wonder what I do when I’m not working on books, head on over there and it’ll give you a pretty good idea of what it is that I do.

And finally: It’s summer! Summer means I run off and show up at local places and be all author-ly. It’s fun and interesting. I get to meet lots of new people and answer questions about being an indie. If you happen to be in Ohio and find a farmer’s market that has a booth where they’re selling goat brats and burgers (which are delish by the way) and you see an author sitting beside the goat booth, that’s most likely me. So stop by and say hello!

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