2013 Reflection

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My first Frozen post ended up being the most popular post of the year.

Oh, the end of the year wrap up! So many things to sit and think about, so many things forgotten. Here’s my annual firework report from WordPress. I was looking at my 2012 reflection post and find it hilarious that I forewarned people that I was going to rant about Frozen. Which I ended up doing. Twice. I did intend to blog more about animated things, but for whatever reason that just didn’t happen because I cut back on my social media presence quite a bit so I could focus more time on my press. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, but I did miss chatting and checking in with people I enjoyed following on some of those platforms–like Twitter, for instance. I don’t want to spend a lot of time on social media, but at the same time, I do want to get a finer balance with it. And that means trying to keep up with blogging on a semi-regular basis. At least a blog post every two weeks, you know?

For whatever reason my X-Men post I wrote in 2012 is still getting a ton of traffic. Speaking of X-Men, who doesn’t want to see the new movie next year? I feel like there’s going to be a blog post dedicated to it next year!

Ringo, the first Bengal cat we obtained.

2013 turned out to be year of the cat for the family. We always had dogs, but for whatever reason my brother wanted a cat, so we got him a cat. Turns out my mother was allergic, so we ended up getting a Bengal cat, which doesn’t set off her allergies. We liked the first one so well, we now have 3. I never thought that I would be a cat person, but turns out, I like them quite a bit. On some days, they’re even better than the dogs. At least the cats don’t feel the need to bark at every single person who decides to walk by on the sidewalk. This year is also the year of crocheting! I learned how to crochet and knit and have been having a blast creating things.

I had wanted to finish writing The Guardian, the final book in my Zincian Legend Trilogy, but because of obligations at Paper Crane Books, I wasn’t able to do that. I have a calendar to write my word count goals and have a goal of having the book out by summer of 2014.

Despite the number of projects I worked on at the press, I still managed to write at least three short stories this year. They were written for various things: a writer’s group anthology, a charity anthology, and I even attempted to enter one in a contest. I might have written one or two more, but I haven’t taken an official count yet. Progress is being made on the Alice project and I’m hoping me and my co-author will be able to finish the first draft next year.

This year I tried to break out and do more events. As such, I ended up doing my first book reading. It was nerve-wracking, but I got the experience and might even venture to do another one. My presence at the Farmer’s Market is still going strong and people were happy to see me again this year. As such, my sales at the Farmer’s Market almost tripled this year and I’m so thrilled at being able to talk to the people in my community about it. If I get the courage, who knows, maybe I’ll look into getting interviewed on the radio or something.

I’m getting the hang of this whole “time organization” thing and really hope to creatively flourish in 2014. Here’s hoping!

Have a happy new year! Any resolutions or goals you’d like to achieve or set for 2014?

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