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Hey guys! It feels like it’s been FOREVER since I last wrote an actual blog post. And maybe it has. Two months is kind of forever in the digital age, right? The press keeps me on my feet and I somehow have a couple of art projects on top of writing projects. And while I wait in between book releases at the press, that gives me time I need to finish my own book. Which, by the way, is totally happening. Hopefully before summer! <3

But in between marketing, editing, designing, and coding, there’s been lots of listening to the Frozen soundtrack. And with that comes lots of listening to covers. And because my buddies are awesome and because they know I probably love Disney more than the average 20-something should, they like to send me links to more covers.

And because I wanted to post something for the first time in forever (see what I did there?) and because I’d like to have a place to keep all the awesomeness, this post is dedicated to the best covers that me and my friends have discovered. This post will be updated here and there as we discover more cover goodness. Hope you enjoy!

“Let It Go” according to Google Translate by Malinda Kathleen Rose

“Let It Go”/”Let Her Go” mashup by Sam Tsui

“Let It Go” by Caleb Hyles

“Let It Go” — Africanized Tribal Version by Alex Boye

“Let It Go”/”Winter” mashup by The Piano Guys

“Let It Go” as sung by various ‘divas’ by Christina Bianco

So what are some of your favorite covers? Did we miss an awesome cover that belongs in this post? Shout out in the comments!

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