Book Spotlight: Kalla and the Abyss by Amber Morant

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Kalla and the AbyssKalla is a young woman with no memory of her past and only a bleak future in front of her. She spends her nights in a tiny cell with a lone window she can barely reach and spends her days with three people she calls the Witches and a scientist who loves to torture her named Thales Mercer.

What is so special about Kalla? She is a tech, a type of person born with a malfunction in the brain that alters the way things affect them. Her ability? Cryotech, the ability to control the heat (or lack thereof) around her. At the time she doesn’t understand her gift but as she discovers more who are similar to her in the organization Myst she begins to train and perfect her ability.

However, she is still stuck in her current prison and has to escape. Will the Myst be there or she be trapped within the abyss of this hell forever?

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Amber Morant wrote this book series not only to entertain the masses but to also show how PTSD can affect other people in the world. This is a series about survival and the friends we can find in that darkness.

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“Kalla! Kalla where are you, you ugly girl?” an old woman’s voice yelled from outside the door.

“In my room, ma’am!” Kalla called back out.

Kalla backed up into the corner of her small dark cell to avoid the door hitting her while it swung open. Her dark blue eyes were dull as if their owner had been dead for many years. She was a shell of her true self, if anyone even knew what her true self looked like anymore. Even her hair, which had once been long and beautiful was now short and choppy from lack of proper care.

The door swung open violently just as she had predicted and outside the room stood not one woman but three. Each one was as old as the last and each one looked like they were vultures, preparing themselves to devour Kalla when she finally died in her cell. They were all dressed in a long black cloak, what was under it Kalla never knew. She imagined underneath were poisons of all kinds or some knives, ready to cut her open or kill her on the spot. It wasn’t past them to do it. Then again nothing that would cause pain for Kalla was something they would have a second thought on unless there was a way for it to be even more painful.

“Girl, we told you to be quiet!” The taller of the three women snapped and lifted Kalla onto her feet. “Look at you! You are absolutely filthy. How can we have you clean this place when your grubby hands just dirty it right back up?”

The woman threw Kalla against the wall as hard as she could. Being undernourished, it didn’t take much for Kalla to go flying. As she hit the wall, some of the dust flew into her hair and eyes so everything became blurry. She could still make out the silhouettes of the witches walking up to her and felt them staring at her, waiting for her to move again. She gave them what they wanted: a groan of exhausted and pain. Kalla knew if she didn’t make a sign of being alive they would just dump her body somewhere were no one could find her, at least that was what they always told her. She never doubted them, they always spoke the truth thus far.

About the Author

Amber Morant is an author, student, and full time mother. She has currently published the first book of the Kalla series and in the works with her epic fantasy novel, Dragon Guardian. When not spending her time writing, she is in college to become an English teacher or playing video games.

Find out more about her at the following places: Official blog | Facebook | Twitter

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