Animation Wednesday: Duet by Glen Keane

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Welcome to a new feature! Animation Wednesday, in which I showcase an animated short. I love animation with a passion and I think it’s a beautiful storytelling medium. You can just do so much with animation! It’s absolutely magical!

Our first feature is Duet by Glean Keane, which made me cry for no reason much like how Paperman made me cry. There’s a special place in my heart for Glen Keane. He’s just such a legend in the animation world, having been the head animator/designer for various Disney characters such as: the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, Ariel, and even Rapunzel. Glen has always had a love for traditional hand-drawn animation and there’s a good reason for that—not only is he great at it, he makes me champion hand-drawn animation even more. I get that CGI animation is here to stay and Pixar and Dreamworks have both produced some beautiful and fun movies with the style, but there’s a special kind of something that gets lost in CGI. I think it’s hard to implement a certain stylized look, whereas you watch something like Hercules and see that even the way the characters and background are drawn have a very ancient Greek look to them. The scenery in Sleeping Beauty is heavily inspired and influenced by Gothic art.

If that’s not enough to love hand-drawn animation even more and make you want to champion it (even after watching Duet), then check out the making of video for more reason to love Glen Keane and hand-drawn animation:

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