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It’s been so long since I’ve been able to say that I have something new for you! Working at a small press keeps one busy and on their toes and little time to work on my own work (Zincian Legend #3 is getting there, I promise) BUT I did take some time off to write a brand new, never-before-seen short story. And I’m kinda proud of it. The story is featured in an anthology that features every single author from Paper Crane Books. We decided to write stories based on holidays and celebrations and it’s free from today until Saturday, July 27. So be sure to pick up your copy today!

My story is set in 1970s Korea on Children’s Day. It was a lot of fun to tackle and I plan on writing a blog post about tackling historical fiction and the crazy last-minute-research I ended up doing. Actually, I was so close to the deadline, I was doing last minute edits on it on the day I needed to submit the book to Amazon. >.< I think it would be really cool to get it translated into Korean and post the story for free sometime just for Korean readers. Maybe one day in the future?

Recollection of Shared Days: Stories of CelebrationThe desire to celebrate is intrinsic to human nautre. Whether it be a victory or a new season, humans have found something to use as an excuse to get together and party. The authors at Paper Crane Books have written original stories to showcase the days we all love best: holidays. Seven stories. Four seasons. They span across time, countries, and even worlds. Come and celebrate with us!

Featured holidays include:
Valentine’s Day
Spring equinox celebration
Children’s Day
July 4th
Veterans Day
Christmas/New Year

In other news: I have a new trailer for The Chosen! My friend Lynn Kho had to make a book trailer for a university class and wanted to know if I wanted an updated trailer. She has amazing art and she was offering to actually animate a scene. Since this is about as close as I’ll ever get to seeing my characters animated, I jumped at the chance and the final product is just beautiful to watch. It makes me really want to see an anime and manga form of my series. XD Like the new trailer?

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