Ground Zero

Silenced: A Drabble

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In one of the writing groups I’m a part of, someone suggested we write 100 word drabbles about our own experiences that happened today back in 2001. In 2001, I had never heard of The World Trade Center and the only thing that I could come close to comparing it to was the Oklahoma City bombings, but even that memory was faint. So here’s my drabble. I might extend it to a full memoir/story if you guys think it’s worth it.

Thirteen years seems like a lifetime away. It seemed like a normal day, sitting in language arts, screaming out prepositions so that the classes down the hall could hear. Our teacher was like that. She wanted us to be loud. She wanted each of us to be heard. And then the student teacher walked in, crying, saying her sister worked in the World Trade Center. That someone had crashed into it. And we didn’t know what we were seeing. Or what it meant or even what those buildings were. We were suddenly silenced because the terrorists had taken our words.

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news? Where were you? What were you doing? I’d love to hear your experience and how it effected you.

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  1. My children were small, and I remember the clips on TV all day as I was waiting to collect them from school. It was almost surreal – like looking at a scene from a disaster movie, and so difficult to understand any reason that could exist to make the murder of all these people justified. There isn’t one, and I remember feeling so sad, so helpless, and so scared. This feeling must have been magnified tenfold by the people who lived there. A shocking and frightening event.

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      I always find it interesting to read accounts of people from other countries. Living in the States, I don’t know how much our affairs really effect the world. The outpouring and support the US and, especially, NYC has received is phenomenal.

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